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    D.I.Y Bralette

    I made, wore, and posted this picture to my Instagram 107 weeks ago to be exact. lol Clearly I didn’t do a blog post on the bralette back then, but I am now because lately all I see are bralettes paired with blazers, shorts, midi skirts and under sheer blouses. I think the bralette is really cute and versatile but also overpriced, so I made a version of my own. I already had an old black bra and I sew so I had most of the items I needed to make the bra on hand already. If you wanted to make your own, it still don’t think it would cost as much as one from the store or online. I wore mines on a night out with friends, however, all the cool girls seem to wear it under a loose tank top or sheer blouse. If you’re feeling kinky you can even make a cupless bralette made out of just elastic to wear in private!  Oh lala! Check out my D.I.Y Fashion board on Pinterest for more d.i.y bralette inspiration and tutorials. The things you will need to make this bra, brief instructions, and also a collage of some bralette inspiration are below! Be sure to follow my blog on Instagram @itsnichelleb for more fashion projects!

    Here are the items you will need to make your own bra, it’s really easy, you can be as creative as you want, and you don’t even need a sewing machine!

    • Plain black bra
    • Elastic in different widths
    • 5 inch zipper (optional)
    • Scissors
    • Thread
    • Needles
    • plastic rings (also optional and found at the fabric store) If you make a design like mines you will need that little tiny plastic circle/ring that’s creating the y shape in the front of my bra. They are called lingerie rings.

    bra stuff

    To create the bralette:

    1. Once you have your plain black bra removing the underwire on it is optional. One wire was already coming out on my old bra so I just took the other one out. lol

    2. Figure out how you want your bralette to be designed and go from there. Start measuring and sewing pieces of elastic, building around the bra until you are satisfied.

    3. Since you can pretty much design it however you want it’s hard to say when/if you should remove your clasps and attach a zipper.  I removed my clasps in the back so it wouldn’t look so much like a plain bra but the clasps can also be replaced with elastic or left on it’s totally up to you with this project!

    4. Be creative and have fun!

    bra diy