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    D.I.Y Easy Fall Jackets and Coats

    Can you believe Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner? Bring on the layers, dark colors, jackets, coats and boots! I love fall weather and fall sewing! As I’ve stated many times, I created this blog as an online sewing diary but mainly to INSPIRE people around the world to cultivate their inner-creativity and embrace a D.I.Y way of life.

    I started sewing at a very young age with no formal training.  So I am a self-taught sewer who still has ALOT to learn when it comes to sewing.  If you have a passion to begin sewing the most important thing to remember is NOT to be intimidated by the process. When I bought my first sewing machine about 8 years ago Youtube wasn’t even popular.  Therefore, I didn’t have hundreds of videos at my fingertips showing me every little thing about sewing. I had to research and read a lot. It wasn’t until I got to college that I started more advanced heavy sewing. With all the parties and college events, I didn’t have money to buy new outfits all the time.  Therefore, I started revamping existing pieces and sewing new ones. As I stated, I still have ALOT to learn when it comes to sewing so don’t let some of these projects fool you. Most of the time when I don’t know what I’m doing, I refer to Youtube. Professor Pincushion has helped me through quite a few projects. Sewing is amazingly therapeutic to me and I never get bored because the boundaries to what I can create are endless.

    Below are 3 EASY jackets I’ve constructed.  All of these jackets are great for a beginner/mid-level seamstress. As you can see, I made a Very Easy Vogue wrap coat, a Zara inspired simple trench coat, and a Burberry inspired shearling jacket.  All fall approved!

    Again, remember if you want to sew DON’T be intimidated. All sewing requires is a great amount of patience, as with all great things in life. YOU CAN DO IT!

    READY, SET, SEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    mom wrap jacket Collage
    This is actually not a jacket, it is a wrap coat. I made this for my mom last year, using Vogue pattern 8930. It is made out of a wool blend fabric from Joann’s Fabric and it is lined with wool fabric also making the coat very heavy and warm.


    wrap coat Collage
    Wrap Coat Inspiration. You could definitely add a belt to the coat also!
    burberry jacket Collage
    This jacket was inspired by Burberry. It is from their fall 2014 collection. To create this jacket I used Simplicity pattern 2384. After cutting the pattern pieces out, I hand painted them with acrylic paint, let them dry, then sewed the jacket together. This jacket is really easy because it doesn’t require any hemming or finishing!
    This zebra trench jacket was inspired by Zara. When I fist saw this jacket online I was going to buy it but it was sold out, so I decided I had to make it. The fabric is from the home decor section of Hancock Fabrics and only cost me about $15! I did not use a pattern to make this jacket and it is lined on the inside. Oh and Thanks Professor Pincushion, your videos showed me how to sew welted pockets on this jacket!
    zebra Collage
    The first picture is Burberry Resort 2016. Look at that amazing bag! The picture on the right is the original Zara coat.


  • D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    Birthday Outfit and Inspiration 2015

    Happy Birthday to me! Turning 25 has been very exciting! I recently made a post about my birthday outfit. Last year, a dress made from Vogue pattern 8766. The top to this outfit is from that same pattern. It is Look F, without the bottom. This year I wanted to make something classy, bold, interesting and something other than a dress!

    So I kept searching, until I came across the “SKANT” on Pinterest. Which is basically a pant and skirt hybrid. Most of the time it looks like a skirt from the back and pants from the front or as if you are wearing pants with a matching skirt over top of them. This look was popular many years ago, however, it’s coming back around (as with all things fashion).  Someone gave it a new name this time. LOL  Anyway, the skant is slowly popping up and I loooove it!

    The original outfit I decided to recreate is by Tokyo based designer Natsumi Zama. It was love at first sight when I saw these pants on Pinterest. I used McCall’s Pattern 6706 to make the pant and then I attached a square of fabric to the back and down the side. Constructing this was a bit of a challenge.  I didn’t have the directions to my pants pattern and I had never  sewn a fly front zipper.  I had to go back several times to connect that square of fabric to my pants properly! However, thanks to Youtube, I think I did pretty well on the zipper and waistband. In the end I’m happy I challenged myself to make this outfit and I loooove the results. Pictures of the skant trend are below, along with my version!

    Skant Collage
    SKANT INSPIRATION! Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Emma Watson have been spotted wearing versions of the trend. The top left is by designer Ellery and the bottom right is by designer Alexander Wang.
    grey pant Collage
    Here is the original look by designer Natsumi Zama. I also went with grey because that color is “in” right now! LOL
    bday fit 5
    I wanted my pants to have pockets and my shirt a little tighter and cropped.  Also, you can see the sleeves are longer. I also decided to wear a pink pump to give it a little pop.
    bday fit 2
    A little over a yard of fabric attached to the back of a simple pencil pant creates this look.
    bday fit 3
    Looks like a skirt from the back! But its pants!
    bday fit 4
    Thank you Natsumi for this outfit inspiration. You are a genius designer! Visit her website natsumizama.com to see more of her amazing work!
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    The Nichelle B. Sip & Shop

    I’m kind of late posting these pictures BUT I want to thank everyone that came to my “Sip & Shop.” This event took place in August and I invited all my friends and family to preview my boutiques clothing and accessories before it hit the website!  I am a perfectionist and I like for things to go my way when I’m in charge of an event so executing this was definitely stressful at times!  But my family truly helped me make this event a success.  I love fashion, food, and music so that’s what this event was all about – eating, shopping, and having a good time. Check out my pictures from the event below!

    unnamed (3)
    Me snapping a pic in our “fitting room”
    unnamed (10)
    This was displayed at the entrance.
    sip n shop food
    This isn’t even half of the food we had! The cooks did an awesome job!
    unnamed (4)
    Spiked Sangria!