Straight Midi Skirts and What I Wore to Cocktails with Claire!

One of my favorite items to buy from the thrift store is skirts! I just love how easily they can be altered. Most of the time all I have to do is one line of stitching. Lately I’ve been spotting straight midi skirts around and I’m liking the look of it. Straight midi skirts have such a cool, effortless vibe, opposed to a super tight one. It is convenient but summertime is over and I am an adult, so I have to give midi skirts and crop tops a break. lol I’m replacing stretchy midi skirts with their older more refined sister, the straight midi skirt. lol. Straight midi skirts go with almost anything. They look chic paired with a chunky sweaters, ankle boots, strappy heels, or button down shirts.

It only cost me $4 and took about 10-15 minutes to take my skirt from a size 14 to a 4. I do this OFTEN with thrifted skirts. As long as you have a ruler with a hip curve, some tailors chalk, and your sewing machine you can do this too! Normally hunter/forest green is not my color, but I’ve been into colors lately and I must say I loved the deep purple, nude, forest green color palette. My nails and lip were deep purple, skirt and sweater were nude, and the skirt was forest green. Scroll down below to see more straight midi inspiration and how I wore my thrifted straight midi.

straight midi skirts


green skirt Collage




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