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Ways to Wear a Thrifted Suit or Set

As you may or may not know I am a vintage junkie. I love thrifting and revamping, it’s just my thing. lol Before I started sewing I would never buy sets or suits in the thrift store. Which is crazy because I love sets, it’s like getting 2 outfits for the price of one! I’ve bought suits that I’ve been able to wear to school and work. I’ve bought sets that have taken me from day to night to church to work. lol I’m telling you sets can be very versatile when worn correctly! Here are the keys to wearing a thrifted suit or set:

  1. Have it altered if it doesn’t fit correctly. Most items from the thrift store will have to be tailored to fit you. Take shoulder pads out, shorten hems, make it tighter etc. so that the item really becomes your own.
  2. Solid colors and simple prints tend to be more versatile. However, that does not mean you have to choose them. Trust me if you thrift long enough you will find some crazy items in some crazy prints so have fun when shopping.
  3. It is (in most cases) best to wear the 2 pieces separately. Sometimes when worn together the pieces can look outdated. However, that is mostly true if you do not alter the pieces to fit correctly. Fit is very important!
  4. When in doubt pair your pieces with simple items you already own like denim jeans, t-shirts, button down shirts, or simple midi dresses.
  5. Be creative! Play with color and print, layer your pieces, and have fun while shopping for a set! Below is one of my favorite thrifted sets! I once wore the top over a dress I already owned!




green suit Collage
I don’t know if it was the vibrant green color or the pleated blazer that drew me to this suit but this is the first one I ever bought. I got it for $10 from a thrift store in Atlanta. Of course I tailored it a bit to make it my own! I had to take the skirt and the sleeves in a bit but once I did that it fit like a glove. Even though I bought this suit about 2 years ago, I still love it and it still fits like a glove.
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