Happy HoliD-I-Y’s!

The holidays are upon us… No matter what holidays you celebrate or don’t celebrate I’m sure at some point you will get dressed to go somewhere! So I’m sharing 3 D.I.Y holiday inspired looks I created in order to inspire you to create something yourself! They are super easy and skirts can be created in about 1-2 hours!

The first is this adorable silver pleated lame maxi skirt. This skirt is soo easy to make. I honestly think even a beginner could make this skirt in about 1 hour. It is just a straight maxi skirt with one seam down the back and elastic at the waist. I decided to use a really thick elastic for my waistband. If you also made the skirt a little too big, but not my elastic, so I could gather the skirt to the front, to give it a drape effect. I actually bought this fabric randomly and made the skirt out of it because I had no idea what else to do with it or how to sew with it. When I looked online I didn’t find any help either.

This fabric is weird because it has a metallic finish, but it stretches because of the tiny pleats, and it cannot be ironed. I’m lazy so I used black thread and a metallic needle when sewing this but I’m sure you can and probably should use metallic thread if you want it to match. Another thing that makes this really easy to sew is that you don’t have to hem it! This fabric does not unravel, and it canNOT be ironed so its best to cut your hem in a straight line and leave it as is. I love the result of using this fabric! It is shiny, lightweight and head turning. lol The only thing I would do is make my skirt a tiny bit shorter, I wanted it long, but mines is a bit too long. Pair it with a slinky v neck blouse, heel, statement necklace, and your ready to turn heads at the holiday party!








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