Happy HoliD-I-Y’s!

The holidays are upon us… No matter what holidays you celebrate or don’t celebrate I’m sure at some point you will get dressed to go somewhere! So I’m sharing 3 D.I.Y holiday inspired looks I created in order to inspire you to create something yourself!

I’m all about statement pieces and a sequin top definitely makes a statement! I have a love hate relationship when it comes to sewing with sequins. I love them because the result is soo pretty and luxe looking but I hate sewing with them because it is so time consuming and messy!

Here are a few tips if you decide to sew with sequin fabric:

  • Don’t use your good scissors while cutting sequin fabric because the sequins can dull them
  • Its good to protect your eyes from flying sequins
  • Always line your sequin fabric because it is itchy on the opposite side
  • Use a heavy duty or leather needle if you are sewing on your machine
  • If you want flat seams on your sequin project you should remove all of the sequins from your seam allowance! This is where your patience and vacuum are NECESSARY! lol I did remove the sequins from most of my seam allowances. When I didn’t remove the sequins I just sewed very slowly and made sure the sequins were flat.
  • When you are done sewing your project you may have to go back and hand sew sequins onto any areas that are bare so save some loose sequins!

I bought this sequin fabric on a whim because I had this idea I would make a midi skirt with a side split out of it, but that idea was quickly scratched after I saw the “Dior Second Skin Turtleneck” and other sequin tops. Sequin fabric can be very expensive. This particular one was $60 a yard so I only got half a yard and figured if I failed at using it, at least I only wasted $30 instead of $60! lol As I stated, I initially was going to make a midi skirt with a split on the side but I wanted to do the shirt and I only had a half yard of this fabric so I had to squeeeeze the shirt out of this material. I wanted to do the turtleneck also but I just didn’t have enough fabric! To hem this fabric I used fusible tape. Sequin fabric can be hit with the iron as long as it is covered by a press cloth of some sort. Despite the challenges of sewing with sequin fabric the result is soo pretty. I wore this shirt on a night out with my siblings and nephew, but I would definitely wear it to a holiday party, you could even dress it up more and pair it with a skirt!

sequin tops

The inspiration behind my top!!


Fur and Sequins!
So much sparkle!

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