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    D.I.Y Transition Pieces

    Hey Readers!! I know its been a while since my last post but with the weather about to break, graduations, birthdays, and vacations coming up. My time has been consumed with other things! Anyway I hope you all continue to read my blog and check back periodically because I am trying to post at least twice a month!!

    So this D.I.Y  was actually inspired by an previous project I posted a couple months ago.  You may remember this top..


    So a few weeks after I made that top I went back to the fabric store and I saw that same fabric along with another burgundy/chocolate looking color. I really didn’t even go in there for that but the fabric was on clearance for $3 a yard!!! Can you say SOLD?! lol I pretty much bought what was left of the fabric. It was about 4 yards of the burgundy fabric and 3 yards of the tan fabric. This fabric actually did sit for a while before I figured out what to do with it. Then it hit me, winter is about to be over, spring is coming, this fabric is perfect for transition pieces! Transition pieces are items in your wardrobe that can transition through the seasons or through the day. Spring weather is so tricky to me because sometimes there’s humidity outside, sometimes the wind blows like its trying to knock my house down, the random rain showers, and sometimes you leave out in the morning and its freezing, then when you get off work its really warm. These pieces are just for that.


    transition 2

    I made my first pair of leggings using this fabric! Normally when learning how to sew, leggings, pillowcases, and skirts are the first things you learn to make but I’m self taught so I pretty much learn how to make stuff as I go. Lol I don’t know all the sewing answers and I never claim to be a expert seamstress. I’m just hoping I can share what I do know, in hopes that it will inspire you to CREATE!


    I never knew I needed a nude/tan midi skirt so bad. It literally goes with everything!



    Wear with pants during the day..
    Then ditch the pants and wear it as a dress when you’re ready to party!

    Now onto how I made everything. I already had a pattern for the leggings, I used McCalls pattern 6173. These leggings were super easy! For the turtleneck top and the burgundy shirt dress I used my other  favorite McCalls pattern 9172. I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve used this pattern! lol To create the wide leg pant I used McCalls pattern 7198 which is actually a beginner pattern made for people who want to learn how to sew! None of these items have pockets so that also makes them really easy to make. I did not use a pattern to create the midi skirt or bandeau top. I just laid a midi skirt I already had on top of the fabric and cut it out to make the skirt. The tube top was actually an afterthought from seeing a scrap of fabric laying around, its really nothing but a band of fabric with elastic at the top and the bottom.  I have really small boobs so this works for me but extra fabric or stability may be needed if you have bigger than a B cup! These are all EASY EASY EASY sewing projects.


    The layout for the leggings and the top.

    I absolutely loove how all these pieces turned out.  None of these pieces took me over 2 hours to make.  I also love them because they can all be worn interchangeably or you can pair them with things you already own and create new outfits. These transition pieces would also be perfect if you are going somewhere for the weekend and don’t really want to put together outfits. You could pack your transition pieces, a few other things like jeans, a jacket, a denim shirt, and some accessories to tie everything together and you would be set! Transition pieces not only take you through seasons they can take you from day to night also! Pair these pieces with heels or flats for different looks!