Another Thrifted Set!!

Honestly, the vintage sets just find me! lol This set and the floral one (previous post) are my favorites right now. Obviously I love prints and patterns so this set was right up my alley. It’s actually is a size large, but the waist is stretchy so I was able to easily take it in a little and it fit perfectly. I left the shirt as is because I like it over-sized. This set is made out of rayon so its really lightweight, comfortable, and flowy. I think I paid $10-$12 for this set and my shoes are from Public Desire. I like these shoes and love a platform, but even with the platform this heel is very high, and since they only have 2 straps for support you have to be careful walking in them. These are more like a sit down and look cute shoes. lol


This necklace is one of the first pieces of jewelry I ever made! I remember yeeears ago, taking a jewelry making class at Joanns Fabric, everyone else was making regular boring necklaces and I was making this big tribal-like necklace. lol The teacher kept asking me if I was sure I wanted my necklace like this. I assured her it was exactly what I wanted. lol Although I rarely wear this necklace I still love it and have been randomly making jewelry every since that one class at Joanns! lol

IMG_5771 IMG_5766 IMG_5774 IMG_5783


IMG_5812 IMG_5810 IMG_5805

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