D.I.Y Shag Jacket

Hellooo everyone, ItsNichelleB back with another D.I.Y jacket I’m in love with! I ordered this fabric when I ordered the colorful fur fabric. It’s warm, easy to sew with, and I love the print. I love texture and print in a fabric, so as soon as I laid eyes on it I knew I wanted it. lol I was inspired to make this jacket after seeing a similar version on Etsy for about $250 and you all know by now I don’t like to buy things I can make. lol

To create this jacket I used the same pattern I did to create the colorful fur jacket, McCalls 7257. The only difference is I made a little change in the pattern to create a small flap in the front. I didn’t use a lining fabric for the front, instead I used the fabric, so that you can see fabric on both sides of the flap in the front. This also adds extra weight to the jacket making it pretty warm. This jacket is really easy to sew because it’s only 5 pieces. It doesn’t take long to create these type of jackets because the silhouette is simple and the pockets are hidden.

I used muslin to create a small flap, while using the regular pattern piece as a guide.
I cut from the wrong side of the fabric and did not cut anything on the fold for this project.
I transferred the markings that were on the regular pattern and this became my new pattern piece!

The only thing I may go back and do is take the arms in a tiny bit more, I  think they are a little too big for me. I had fun with this shoot even though it may not look like it! lol It was cold outside and I guess I forgot about smiling! lol

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