My Happy New Year!! (Celibacy, Being Plant Based, and Yoga)

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for taking the time out to read this post! I wanted to give you lovely readers an update on everything that’s been happening and the reason I’ve been M.I.A. from my blog lately. As you all know I sew all the D.I.Y outfits, and sometimes I don’t always have the time to bust out a new project every week and sometimes the inspiration doesn’t come, so I don’t make anything. That being said I aim for posting a D.I.Y once a month, however, this year in between those D.I.Y fashion posts I will be making posts about my lifestyle, food, other dope women, book reviews. etc! I realize everyone may not care about my lifestyle, but I started this blog with the intention of it being an online sewing diary. Sewing is a very important part of my life but I felt I was leaving out other important aspects of my life like yoga and food by not blogging about it! So my blog may become more of a lifestyle AND sewing blog, but either way, I hope you still continue to visit!

Ok moving on. Lol So towards the end of 2016 I decided to take my yoga practice to the next level and become a certified yoga teacher! YAYY! The course is 200 hours so that has taken up a lot of my free and D.I.Y time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE yoga and taking this step has opened up new parts of my mind, body, and spirit.

Which brings me to a lifestyle change I decided to start this year, which is celibacy! Yes, abstinence. A Dick Diet! LOL Ok I’m playing.. But seriously. Celibacy is something my younger self would probably look back and wonder why would someone want to do that? Lol young, silly me… The older and more conscious I become, the more I realize just how deep sex is. You may think you don’t care about the person, it’s just a one night stand, you won’t catch feelings, or whatever the case is… But your subconscious mind will NEVER forget that encounter. I could go on and on and make this post soo deep because, sex is very deep but I’m going to try to keep it simple here.

Last year, and most of 2016 , I felt I was experiencing a mental and physical glow up, or enlightenment! I was journaling, meditating, staying dedicating my practice, becoming conscious of what I eat, working out, making my smoothies.. I mean just internally finding myself and loving it! However my spirit was still missing something! I was glowing up mentally and physically but my spirit was still experiencing some conflict, confusion, and discomfort..

In the midst of trying to tame my spirit I ran into this dope podcast by a woman named Tracy G. It was her podcast that kind of sparked this celibacy journey. It felt like I had just asked God for guidance on cleansing my spirit and then this podcast came into my life! lol Listening to that podcast just kind of confirmed and made it 100% clear to me that celibacy was the right thing to do. Tracy G. has a dope podcast channel called “Beauty and the Beast” and the episode on celibacy is titled “No Sex Zone.”  That podcast gave me life! If you are thinking about celibacy or have questions, I highly recommend you listen to it.

As far as my celibacy journey, I do have a significant other, so initially I asked/suggested this sexual detox be for the month of January.. He agreed, however I will see, because honestly I think it needs to last this whole year or until I’m married! But I’ll keep y’all posted on that!! LOL! It’s only been 5 days so far but I plan to keep writing about this experience because I’m just on this beautiful journey of self-empowerment, vibrating higher, and becoming one with the Universe.

Along with my celibacy I decided to just write some other things I’m taking with me into the new year.

Self awareness. Self awareness can be a very vague word but for me and this instance it just means becoming more aware of my emotions, abilities, flaws, feelings, and thought patterns.

Sexual/Spiritual Purity- If you are married this point may not apply to you. But we just talked about my celibacy and that’s what I mean by sexual purity.

Better eating habits- I know this is always a resolution for so many people to “eat better” but SERIOUSLY. I just want people to realize how important food is and how we should be feeding ourselves the best food we can. Towards the end of 2016, around October, I decided almost overnight, to stop eating meat. I truly feel great and I’m so happy I made that decision for my health. If you love yourself, then respect your body by eating well, exercising, deep breathing, giving thanks, and by having/maintaining sexual purity or at least sexual encounter awareness!

FOBO. (Fear of better options) Maybe some of you have heard that commercial where the person is afraid to buy to an item because they have fobo. They don’t buy the item because they have A Fear of Better Options or FOBO. They don’t want to commit because they think there may be a better option out there. But I want to talk about that in a different aspect, because I think we live in a society who also has fobo. That is why the term “situationships” came about. Everyone wants to talk to someone but no one wants to COMMIT, and that’s because people have the fear that there may be better options out there. I’m learning to know when there are actually better options out there or when I’m just acting out of FOBO or the fear to commit.

Patience- Ahh good old patience.. lol Patience is one of those things I feel like I’m always asking God for. Patience at work, patience with my family, patience for changes to take place, patience at the grocery store. Lol But this year I truly want to make an effort to be more patient in some aspect of my life. Patience with people, patience with learning a new skill, and just more patience with myself! Nothing worth having comes easy or fast…   

So, that is how I’m starting my 2017!! Aware, committed, patient, celibate, and with an abundance of gratitude for everything the universe has in store for me!  I hope you do the same and stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading!

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