Fall 2017 Trend Report

It’s starting to feel like fall outside! I’m currently trying to make myself a couple of fall pieces and figure out exactly what I’m going to be wearing this winter and fall.. lol Fashion week has definitely been giving me all types of inspiration. I wish I could cover every fashion show and all the things that caught my interest but between celebs, street style, and the fashion designers, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I know one day I’m going to get invited to the shows and I can’t wait to just be in the building near all the inspiration that fuels my creativity and this blog. So on to the Fall Trend Report. Here are a few things I think are going to be big this fall. Check www.pantone.com if you want to see the fall 2017 color palate.

PLAID– Thanks Laquan Smith. His show was all about adult uniforms. lol These sexy plaid wrap skirts and oversized cardigans read urban, educated, and chic. The fact that the show was set up like a school gym added to the vibe even more. I adore Laquan Smiths aesthetic.  The summer and spring were all about gingham but this fall is back to plaids, camo print, leopard print, and faux fur…

SMALL PURSES– As seen by like every designer.. I noticed handbags were getting alot smaller. I’m torn on it. Bigger bags are easier to throw all of your belongings in but I find that small bags keep you from having so much junk in the first place. lol The designs are getting more and more clever to make these tiny bags pop with attitude and style.

WHAT IS THAT? VELVET! This is going to be a huge one. Expect to see all types of items coming out in the luxe material. Velvet is one of those tricky materials to me. It looks great, very luxe, but I’ve tried to sew with it and have failed miserably.. As for velvet clothing I totally see myself rocking a velvet blazer or bootie.

METALLIC, SHINY, GLITTER– Another big trend this year. I’ve seen so many silver boots and shiny metallic shoes on the runway this season! I’ve also spotted shiny pumps paired with girly or frilly socks to give you a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz look.

KITTEN HEELS, LOAFERS, PLATFORMS-Last year was all about slippers, slides and mules. This year were going back to the Classics. These are 3 type of shoes that really never go out of style. They just come back better..

DECONSTRUCTED BUTTON UPS– Coming out in a major sexy way, deconstructed clothing is all about pattern mixing and clashing, overlayed textures and shapes, and an overall distressed, yet clean vibe. I’ve been seeing this for a while now but I think its definitely going to be a hit this fall and spring. Think about all those button ups that have an unexpected element of surprise.

EMBROIDERED EVERYTHANG! From shoes to hats to clothing embroidered pieces are popping up all around and I love it. It really adds an upgrade to an otherwise basic item. Once it’s embroidered it seems like the item is one of a kind now.



SIMPLE OR MINIMAL LAYERING– I mentioned a while back that fashion was moving towards a more relaxed and loose silhouette. I think layering compliments a relaxed attitude and outfit. It’s like yes I’m wearing a shirt, under a dress. over top of jeans, I do it because I’m cool. lol I personally am not one of those people who likes my clothes super tight. So I get along with the layering and loose, relaxed styles.


What trends will you be trying this fall?? Do you follow the trends at all? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!



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