• Pattern Review

    D.I.Y Cotton and Faux Fur Vest (McCalls 7184)

    Hey Boo’s and Bae’s! Welcome Back to Nichelle B. thank you for visiting. I know this was supposed to be posted around Thanksgiving, forgive me please. I have been super busy preparing for the new year! I feel like I’m in January already.

    Anyway, here are the details on my printed and faux fur vest. The fabric at the top came from a store on Etsy, I forget the exact name of the shop. I only had 1 yard of it and originally I planned to make a purse of some sort with it. Then I was randomly looking through my patterns, saw McCalls pattern 7184, and immediately went to get some white faux fur. It was one of those moments where you decide like this is what I’m doing today and no one can stop me.. lol

    When I got to the fabric store I was a bit skeptical at first because, I mean, white faux fur. I thought it could go wrong and end up looking kind of tacky. lol In spite of those thoughts, I bought the white faux fur, made the vest, and I’m so happy I did because I love it. This is a very lightweight vest since the top is made out of cotton, but I’m sure it could be made heavier if you want to use fusible fleece, flannel lining, or leather at the top. The vest has hidden pockets, snaps to close it, and is a super easy project to sew. So easy I would almost consider it a beginner project. Only thing that may make it not beginner friendly is working with the faux fur. I will def be making one of these again. I’ve already made one with black faux fur at the bottom and it was really cute so I think more fabric and color combinations are in store for the future!

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