Heyyy boos… As promised.. The post all about my locs, let’s get into it.

As I mentioned in my last post I have been natural for about 10 years now. I did have a relaxer at one point and it was in hair school that I decided to go natural. I actually had a hair disaster during my transition process. Lol I was going to transition and just slowly cut my relaxer off,  (mind you this was 10 years ago, I was not hair savvy at all) I had just took out a weave, and I didnt detangle my hair before I went to shampoo it. So all my relaxed hair got matted and tangled together to the point of no return, and I was forced to do my big chop from there. lol

So fast forward I’ve been natural for 10 years now and I’ve experimented with everything. The weaves, ponytails, Ive been through gallons of Ecostyler gel, cornrows, flat irons, flexi sets, protective styles, color, everything. I would say over the last 2 years I started to get frustrated with my hair. I have alot of hair, its super thick so any style besides a ponytail takes at least 2 hours. The time and money I had to spend on products, fake hair, and paying other stylists was just getting to be too much for me.

I had been thinking about locs for a looong time before I decided to go through with it. Some people would tell me things like “your hair is so pretty why would you wanna loc it” or “don’t do it, you gonna get bored” or simply “noo whyyyyy” but those were people with little to no hair saying things like that so (no shade) but they couldn’t relate to my struggle. lol You gotta know when to take peoples advice and when to smile and keep it moving..

So I started my locs on August 2nd, 2017. It is coming up on the 7 month mark in Feb! Exciting! I will tell you as most people with locs would say having patience is the hardest part of the journey. lol I have really thick hair and didn’t want it to take hours when I go to retwist my hair so that was the main reason I wanted my locs thick. I only have about 52 locs. I told myself I would wait a year before I put any jewelry in my hair and so far so good. I really cant wait to see what they look like a year from now, but I have to be patient. It’s so crazy to watch the transition before my eyes. I’m starting to feel buds and feel my hair locing in certain places and it so weird. I’ve had loose hair for soooo long it is so weird to feel my hair locing. I started my locs from 2 strand twists and so far I’ve only had 2 retwists.

I’m not gon lie I did have a tiny fear at first of how I would be perceived with my hair locd now. You know some people take one look at your clothes, or your hair, and they judge and make assumptions about you based solely on how you look. However, I got over that quickly, because its stupid. lol Why would I be concerned with what anyone thinks about me or my hair? What good is that going to do me? I remember getting sent home at my old job for wearing a headwrap! It was that day I knew I would be quitting soon, and I left a few months after that.

I hate how society and these corporate companies think they can control what I do to MY CROWN. If I want to wear a weave, a headwrap, a flat iron, faux locs or real locs THAT’S WHAT I’M GOING TO DO! I hate that in some places we have to wear our hair a certain way for it to be deemed acceptable. smh I love natural hair and I think its history and versatility is what makes it so special. I refuse to accept that society is in control of how I wear my hair or how I dress. I don’t know if I’ll wear my hair locd forever but right now this is what I’m doing and I’m loving it!!

If you have anymore questions about my loc journey or if you have locs and feel there is anything I should know along this journey, leave a comment!

This was my hair in the beginning of this process. August 2017

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