• D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    Black History Month Inspired D.I.Y Outfits

    Hi loves, my black history inspired outfit, done just in time for the Black Panther movie premiere. lol I originally wanted to make something all black and just very literal with the Black Panther inspiration and vibe. However this was fabric I already had from a previous visit to NY and I wanted to use it. This outfit was originally supposed to be a dress without the pants or vest but as I was sewing other things happened and it turned into these 3 pieces. So the shirt is a combination of Simplicity 8416 and Vogue 9027. I used Simplicity 8416 as the base of the shirt & Vogue 9027 to give me some direction in making the shirt flare out at the bottom and have the uneven hem. Now one thing I will say is I planned on having this be a longer dress so when it turned out it had to be a shirt/dress I realized it was kind of short. So in the in the future I would make the front a tad bit longer because I have to wear this with shorts underneath if I want to wear it as a dress.

    I used to be afraid of buttons and button holes but this shirt made me realize they are nothing to be afraid of. This shirt had about 12 buttonholes so after about the 3rd one I was on a roll. In the future I do plan to take more pictures of the sewing process, it’s just so hard because once I get in the sewing mood/zone I don’t think about pictures, time, nothing I’m just so focused on the project it is hard to stop. Once I got done the shirt I felt it was missing something and I had extra fabric left so I made the pants with McCalls 6707 which I’ve used several times before and works great for me. The vest was kind of an afterthought, I really had juuust enough fabric to make it so I did. The vest is McCalls 7481 details and my review of the pattern are in a previous post.

    So the very exciting thing about all of this is that I made all of these pieces for $15!!!! You cant beat that. This fabric was $15 for 6 yards of it from a little side shop in NY. So that’s bomb and of course the fact that they are all separates which y’all know I love so I can wear them all the time. I was strategic with my cutting and had a small amount of scraps left. So all in all this was a great project, I’m pleased with how everything came out. On to the next project!!