• D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    D.I.Y Flare Pant/ Vintage Simplicity #1426

    Hey loves! I’m back with another D.I.Y outfit. The pants were inspired by my boo @jmilamila and the top is Vintage Simplicity #1426. I didn’t make this outfit to wear anywhere in particular but it’s giving me a Coachella vibe. lol The pants were drafted by me. I have a pattern pant that fits me well and whenever I make pants I start out with that and just modify from there. These pants are easy to make, they have no pockets or buttons, only an invisible side zipper. The only small challenge about making these pants is getting them to fit like a glove. The ankara fabric really doesn’t have any stretch. Luckily my pant already fits me good but I did have to do a tiny bit of taking in to make sure the pants fit snug but not too tight. If I make these pants again the only thing I would do is lower my waist about an inch. I didn’t realize it was so high until the waistband was on, and at that point I wasn’t going back! LOL! But it worked out in the end.

    The top is a pattern I’ve had for ages, never used it until now. This view did have the option for removable straps but I decided to go without them. I cut this top in the smallest size which was a size 4 but I kept having to cut it smaller to fit my B cup. It has 3 buttons in the back and instead of doing buttonholes, I did button loops because the buttons are so small.

    All in all I love how this outfit came out!

  • Pattern Review

    Pattern Review #M7724

    Hey darlings! Here is my review on McCalls pattern 7724. If you follow me on Instagram you know I am participating in a sewing challenge being hosted by The Sewing and Design School in Tacoma Washington. Lately I’ve been trying to connect more with the #sewersofinstagram and the sewing community overall so this challenge was a great way to do that! The theme for April 10th was “Statement Sleeves” so I thought this top would be perfect for that because it is so different! I love the whole mismatched vibe, the two different hems, 2 different fabrics, and 2 different types of shoulders give this shirt a high fashion feel! So when I first laid eyes on this pattern I knew I had to have it!

    The only tricky part about this top was fitting the shoulder and arm pieces. I’m petite so my arms and shoulders are small. I did have to cut the sleeves way smaller so they would fit me, but I have to do that with most patterns because I’m really like a size 2 and patterns start at size 4-6. This top definitely had to be cut smaller so it could hang fashionably off the shoulder (if its too loose you run the risk of exposing some goodies lol) and I cut it smaller so that the cold shoulder sleeve would fit around my small arm and not be baggy.

    I made my shirt out of shirting fabric and I paid about $15 for both fabrics, which isn’t bad for a button up blouse. You could also make a version of this blouse using two button up shirts from the thrift store. I would suggest this top if you’re looking to step your sewing game up a notch or just try some new techniques because it features buttonholes, darts, facing, flounces, and hand sewing this top could be a fun challenge!

    In conclusion, this pattern is a winner! I would make this top again and definitely try the other views. Do you like making button ups? Is this pattern a blouse you would try? Let me know in the comments!