• Pattern Review

    Simpilicity 0701 Men’s Button Up Shirt

    Hey Loves,

    Today I want to share the details on my men’s button up. I made it for a friend of mines and he loves it. You all know ever since I made my first button up I have been on a button up making spree. I figured while I was at it I should try to make a mens shirt. So I did! The Simplicity pattern is very basic, nothing fancy, I just needed it as a base.

    He came up with the modifications he wanted on the shirt, which were the following

    • Make it longer than the regular shirt and with the back hem curved
    • a 3/4 sleeve which made a little easier because I could skip the step of making cuffs. I just made a little tab and button for the sleeve.
    • Add slits on the side

    This fabric was some Ankara I had for a while, I made a women’s vest out of it also. It is cotton so of course working with that is a breeze. I think this shirt came out well. He likes the fact that he can wear it with tennis shoes or dress it up and wear it with dress shoes.

    I’m about to make my brother a shirt and as I sew for men I’m learning they are easy to sew for in the sense that they don’t have curves and such to fit around but they are just as meticulous about their clothes as we are. lol I think my next step is going to be to do a  button up shirt with welt pockets on it. Welt pockets are so scary to me, but thats how I’ve learned any new techniques in sewing. I research, practice, then pray over it while I’m trying to execute it! lol

    Thanks for stopping by!

    This is my friend @taylorchinmusic! He takes most of my pics for the blog, he models, and he also is a music artist! Go check him out on IG, Facebook, and he has a song on iTunes so go download that too!!

  • D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    Transparent Skirt D.I.Y

     *This post was updated August 27, 2019


    Hey loves!! Welcome back to blog.Nichelleb.com!

    Today I want to share this skirt I made yesterday. Super easy, it took about 2 hours to complete, (majority of it spent on the pockets lol). As you all know I love sewing and recreating RTW pieces.

    One trend thats huge this year is the “Transparency trend” and I totally blame @rylissbod (formerly @sewing_and_design_school) on Instagram for getting me obsessed with it! Lol Here are a couple examples below, but @rylissbod Instagram feed has pictures and inspiration if you are feeling the transparent vibe.


    Cute right?! I think the “transparency trend” is mysterious and subtly sexy.

    So I was browsing the web (or I may have been on Pinterest) but I saw this skirt and loved it but didn’t like the price. lol It retailed for $125. No way! lol Especially not when tulle is 99 cent a yard. So I recreated it and LOVE how it came out. Its just a fun layering piece. I tried my skirt on over a black bathing suit and it gave it an instant upgrade. I don’t want to list the website this skirt was on because I feel kind of shady doing that, but read on to find out how to create this skirt! I tried to explain it as best I could so I apologize in advance if it seems tricky. Its really not. lol

    This skirt started with 2 yards of tulle. You may need more depending on your size. Cut the tulle to the length you want your skirt to be. Mines was ankle length. Take your time and cut a really straight line since the tulle will not be hemmed. Don’t cut any of the width off, you will need it to gather the skirt.

    The trim & waistband of the skirt is regular black cotton. To create the trim on the openings of the skirt, cut 2 strips of cotton about 3 inches wide and the length of your skirt plus 1 inch. Fold and press the raw edges in on both sides of each strip about 3/8 of an inch, then fold those edges to meet. On one of the short ends fold up 3/8 of an inch to hide the raw edges. That side should go at the bottom of your skirt. Sew these strips to the front opening of the skirt, sandwiching the tulle in between the two layers of cotton.

    Once that is complete do 2 rows of basting stitches across the top of your tulle skirt piece and gather until it fits around your waist with a small opening in the front. To create your waistband you may have to sew 2 pieces together if you don’t have one long strip. My waistband piece ended up being 4 inches tall and about 58 inches long. Interface your waistband (with a lightweight interfacing) for a little more stability. Then fold in the raw edges about 3/8 of an inch on both sides of the strip. The same way you attached the trim is how you will attach the waistband.

    I suppose this skirt could work without doing hardware and tying it if you make the waistband long enough on both sides. However, if you are adding hardware you should do it before you attach the waistband to the skirt. On one end of your waistband you will need to add two 1 1/2 inch D-rings so your skirt can have an adjustable waist. Sandwich the tulle in-between your waistband and sew it to the skirt.

    The pockets are the last step. These pockets are purely decorative so make them in whatever style or shape you wish. I had never made a cargo pocket but it was pretty easy. I started with a 7 x 7 inch square and just drafted the pocket flap myself. I had the hardware and ribbon already in my stash. It is plain black satin ribbon and you will need 4 (1 inch) D rings if you are adding them on the pockets.

    If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment here or on IG! How do you feel about this D.I.Y?! Is it your style or nah?