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D.I.Y White Cotton Shirtdress

Hey Loves,

As always I’m so excited to share this look with you. You got a look while it was in the process of being made on my Instagram so here is the finished product and all the details! I wanted to make a white shirtdress before summer was over and I did! This fabric is shirting from Joanns, it was on sale at the time for $5.99 a yard and it took about 2 yards to create this. I used the same combo of patterns I used to make my last 3 button ups. Lol It’s a charm, and once you find a pattern or a pattern hack you love its so easy to make different pieces. So I posted the inspo pic behind this shirt on my Instastory and did a poll with this shirt and another shirt and this shirt won. It was really close though, Im glad they have that feature because it really is soooooo hard to decide what to make sometimes! Thank y’all for helping me out! lol

The winning shirt I recreated.  Keep scrolling to see my version.

So can I just say that I am extremely proud my myself for making this shirt. It looks so legit and professionally made and my fabric looks all crisp. lol I did prewash my fabric before using it. This fabric is the perfect weight, it has a little stretch and its super easy to work with. All I can say about this shirtdress is, it’s going to get put to good use. Lol

It was so hot. lol


The shirt is a combination of Simplicity 8416 (as the base of the shirt) & Vogue 9027. I use the Simplicity pattern as the base of the shirt and I just gradually flare the sides out so it creates an oversized effect. I also talk about this hack in my previous posts here. So I flared the sides out, made it a little longer, then I added the ruffle at the bottom. As for the hem, I started to do a rolled hem but I’m so happy I didn’t and just did it the way it is in the inspiration picture. It gives the shirt some stability and allows it to flare out just right at the bottom. Although if I would have did the rolled hem I probably would have been able to wear it as a dress. I think it’s a tad bit too short to do that so I’m going to wear it with shorts or jeans.

Click here if you want to see the video tutorial I followed to do the hidden placket. It was a quick and easy to follow tutorial, but I do suggest you read the blog post that goes with the video because she mentions some additional tips there that aren’t in the video. I opted for a mandarin collar because thats how the shirt was in the inspo pic and I also wanted to try it. Its so easy. I don’t think I own anything with a mandarin collar and now I have 2 white shirt dresses so I’m pleased with how everything came out. Have you tried to make a button up yet? What are you waiting for?!

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