D.I.Y Spray Paint Jeans (No Sewing)

Hi Lovess!

Back with possibly the easiest D.I.Y ever. I think this is actually my first No Sew D.I.Y. Anyway these jeans were inspired by a pair I saw in a New York and Company ad. Those jeans also said “Blessed” but the letters were in silver. I do realize there are other ways you could achieve this same effect like with screen printing or using iron on transfer paper but I went with the spray paint because I felt it was the easiest and would be the quickest. However it turned out this project isn’t exactly that quick. lol It took me about 2 hours to do this. The hardest or most tedious part is making sure everything else outside of your stencil is covered when you are spray painting. All my supplies for this project were purchased at Joanns Fabric and I bought the jeans from Marshalls for $14. This project is pretty easy and one may even say its self explanatory but still..

For this project you will need:

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint ( Get fabric spray paint! Regular spray paint will not work. I recommend using Gold, Silver or Rose Gold)

Blank paper

Tape (shipping or painters tape)

Letter Stencils

Grocery bag



Something to cover your floor like a tarp or huge trash bag


First cut the sides open on your trash bag and lay it out.

Lay your denim on top of the bag.

Decide which leg you are spray painting and ball the other leg up and place it inside the small grocery bag so it does not accidentally get spray paint on it.

Once it is in there tape the edge of the grocery bag to the denim.

Then fold your blank paper in half and insert it inside the leg of your denim jeans. This is so that while we are spray painting it wont seep through to the other side. I used about 7-8 sheets of paper.

Then using your ruler and a pencil lightly make a dashed lines to give you a guide for a straight line.

Place tape right on your straight dashed line this will be where you place your letters so that they stay in a straight line.

At this point you should place your letters down just to make sure the spacing is correct.

Then tape around all the other exposed denim.

Once you are ready to spray paint you should follow the directions on the spray paint bottle.

I know 2 coats would have made this denim pop but this is actually pretty tedious and once I finished the first coat I said to myself, no way I’m doing that all over again. lol

So this is the finished result and when I get time I may still go back and do another coat of paint.

*UPDATE* Another way to achieve this look is with heat transfer fabric. You basically cut the fabric out to any shape you want, iron it onto your fabric and thats it! It comes in tons of colors so thats great also! Of course you have to be really precise with your cutting to have it look neat and professional but that is another option!

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