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Birthday Outfit 2018!!

Hey Lovess!

I’ve missed you all! I feel like its been a while since I’ve written a blog post! October was kind of a busy month for me, I have a couple posts to catch up on and I’m starting with my birthday post! All about my cropped sweatshirt and long skirt! This outfit was inspired by @kahlanabarfield. I didn’t think I would remake it for my birthday, but it turned out to be perfect for it! I knew I wanted to wear black but I didn’t have anything particular in mind. When I saw this I said yep I love it and then I made it. LOL

The fabric is from fabric.com and it is the regular sweatshirt fleece. The ribbed fabric on the sleeves and waistband is from Joanns Fabric. This outfit is super warm and comfy. However, just keep in mind sweatshirt material does not have much stretch at all. So if you want more stretch you may want to consider another heavy/medium weight knit fabric. Which I think will still look great. My skirt had a split in the back so I can walk, the 2 pockets in the front, the ribbed waistband, and thats it! No zippers OR elastic! Can you say EASYY.

I created this pattern using the same basic A-line dress pattern I always talk about. lol (McCalls 9172)

I had never made a hoodie before but it was so easy. In the fall & winter I live in sweatshirts so I do want to make more. So like I said I used the A-line dress pattern and just cut it in half. The bottom was my skirt and the top was the base for the hoodie.

To create the hoodie I just flared the sides on the top out a bit so my sweatshirt could be a little bit bigger. Then I added sleeves and the ribbed cuffs. For the hood I used a random hood from one of my jacket patterns. I know that prob wasn’t the best idea but it worked out. lol I checked like all my patterns with hoods to make sure it was the perfect size. So after I made the hood I attached it to the shirt. Around this part is where I would say double check to make sure your neck hole is big enough because it will shrink a bit once you add the hood. After that I put the drawstring in and I left the hem on the bottom raw so I was done!

The only thing I wish I would have considered was an eyelet to put where my drawstring comes out on the hood. I didn’t have one so I had to just put a hole in my fabric which doesn’t look bad because everything is all black and you can hardly see it but still in the future I would definitely use an eyelet to give it a clean look. As you can see I loved the hoodie and wore it like all weekend!

Oh and the little black tulle skirt was an afterthought but I liked it! It was just 7 or 8 layers of tulle cut into a circle skirt with an elastic waistband.


I love Kahlana Barfield’s style and I mean who doesn’t love an Effortless Comfy Slay?!


Thanks for following and supporting ya girl! I truly appreciate YOU! My next post Im going to be sharing the details on the dress I made to wear to my sisters wedding and a post all about my locs!

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