Ruffle Skirt D.I.Y

Hey Loves!! I hope you all are having an amazing week!

I dont even know where to start with this skirt. lol I just feel like its a whole story.. Ok so lets start with the fabric. It is actually one fabric here is a picture of it before I cut it. I also bought one more fabric which I didn’t take a picture of (sorry) so I could have 7 layers. I bought juust enough fabric so I was glad about that.

Now onto the inspiration… I’ve had this picture saved in my phone for a while. It took me so long to make it because Im soo indecisive! How was I going to choose 7 different fabrics to go in one skirt??? LOL I know the skirt is like mismatched fabrics but I at least wanted it to be in the same color family. So when I saw this fabric I was like yes perfect all different fabrics in one. It looks like this skirt may have been pleated and not gathered but I knew pleats would take a little more time and fabric so I just went with the gathers. The designer of this skirt is Stella Jean. Now onto the construction.


Now my original plan was to do an invisible zipper in the back. So I  made a basic pencil skirt to go underneath it out of plain black cotton. It had 2 darts in the front and the opening was in the back.

So I measured (or thought I measured) it out perfectly where the ruffles would end right at the top and I could just attach the waistband and be done. However things didnt go as planned and when I was done attaching all the ruffles I had alot of skirt left at the top. I needed that skirt portion that was at the top because thats where the darts were and thats what gave the skirt some shape. The base skirt fit like a glove by the way. So I ended up having to cut alot of the top of the skirt off and at that point the skirt was a little too big. In order for me to really really fix it I would have had to take apart all the ruffles and start over attaching them from the top and I just didnt want to do that. So I ended up cutting some off of the top, taking it in a little at bottom, and just doing an elastic waist.

Soo if you make this skirt and want to do a zipper instead of elastic, start with a basic skirt as the base. Measure and mark where you want the ruffles to go and start attaching ruffles from the top not the bottom That way if there is skirt leftover it will be at the bottom and you can just hem it.

After I was done with this skirt I was so mad I just stuffed it in the back of my closet. I had to let my frustrations wear off before I could look at this again! lol

I paired this skirt with a DIY shirt I made. I felt it was already alot of prints going on so why not add more!


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