• D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    D.I.Y Plaid Pinafore Dress

    Hey Loves! As always thanks for stopping by! Today were talking about the pinafore dress! According to the dictionary a pinafore dress is “sleeveless garment similar to an apron, worn especially by small girls as a dress or an overdress.

    As you can see below pinafore type dresses aren’t worn as aprons or just for little girls any longer. I feel like the pinafore dress just like everything else in fashion has been around forever, they have just recently came back on the scene and got an upgrade.  I posted a collage of my inspiration on my IG and here it is below.

    I especially liked the outfit in the middle! I think it was styled perfectly and I just thought it was so cute and different. Unfortunately my fabric was too heavy for that look LOL sooo I had to go with a different style dress. I still want to make a dress like hers but I need to find a different fabric. Its hard to find good plaids! OMG All of them are flannel or like $60 a yard! I just want a cute plaid suiting fabric. Anyway, this fabric came from Joanns, it is a med weight suiting fabric, with a bit of stretch. So I was going for clueless vibes with this look. At first the skirt was a midi length pencil skirt and it was so cute I contemplated leaving it like that, it would have been cute with a white button up underneath! Then I thought it was a little bit too safe, so I cut it into a mini, which honestly, I feel like minis are coming back in style. For a while it was alllll about the midi length skirts and dresses and although I feel like both silhouettes will always be in style, I think were gonna go back to short. So here is my version below, I feel like its most like the girl on the bottom left, just without the ruffle at the bottom. Instead I did ruffles on the side. Thanks for all the kind comments y’all leave on my IG page! I really appreciate you and I hope y’all are enjoying the HOLIDAYS!!!

  • Pattern Review

    Simplicity 0839 Bodysuit

    Hey Lovessss!

    This post is overdue, I know. So many events go in the way of me taking pictures of this bodysuit. I’m kinda upset I haven’t made a bodysuit sooner! It was so easy and fun. I sewed the entire bodysuit on my serger and I did View D.

    I don’t work alot with knits, not because I don’t like them I just feel like most of the garments and patterns I like are not knits. Anyway I had this pattern and fabric for about a year and just had this outfit vision come into my mind. Sometimes when I do that the outfit does not come out as I envisioned but this time it did! Im also a tiny bit ashamed to say I’ve had these overalls form H&M for legit about 5 years and this was my first time wearing them . SMH lol I never threw them away because I knew they would come in handy one day, and I was right. LOLOL But clearly I’m not really an overalls type of gal.

    I did make a small modification to the pattern and that was not doing an invisible zipper in the back and instead adding snaps in the middle. I just felt like if it has a zipper when I go to the bathroom I will have to unzip it and take the whole bodysuit off and ughhh who wants to do that. So yes snaps in the middle like a onesie. Yass for easy bathroom access! I definitely want to make another bodysuit, I like them because of their versatility! Besides ditching the zipper I did not make any other adjustments and the fit is perfect!  What do you think of this look? Have you made this bodysuit before?

    Let me know drop a comment with your cute self! Thanks for stopping by!

    So happy this outfit came out exactly as I envisioned. Love this pattern!


    I took this picture at a weird time, the sun was setting, and it was already a kind of cloudy day so I feel like this pic is giving a natural filter. lol