Heyyyy looves!!

I cant believe its already been 4 months since I started my journey! Time flies! Im happy with the size and this time I am not combing them out. LOL I have about 85 locs, opposed to the 52 I had last time. My hair is in a weird stage right now. I was just getting over this stage with my last set of locs when I combed them out. Its like a love hate type of relationship with my hair right now.. The stage of trying to embrace the frizz. Its so weird, but I kinda like it. Im not in a rush for them to fully form and be full locs yet lol so I kinda like the frizzy stage, I just dont like it for when I want to wear slicker styles like buns.

I do have a few baby locs. Nobody believes me when I say my hairline is weird because I have hair there but it is! Its always been these 2 areas around my hairline on the left and the right where the hair is shorter  and more fragile. I have no idea why but it just is, so right inthose 2 spots is where my baby locs are! They are very short compared to the rest of my locs but you probably cant tell because they still blend in with my hair. Im just curious to see if those locs will actually grow.

Another thing I learned about myself with locs is I’m just a tender headed person now and I’ve NEVER been tender headed in my life. But now omggg every little style after 1 day, Im like, “its tight, it hurt, I have a headache, I wanna take the bobbi pins out!” LMAO

So Im also curious to see if I will grow out of the tenderness because its annoying to me to be so tender headed. Especially because I used to be a stylist and adults that were tender headed didn’t annoy me but I just felt like “omg grow up” lls now Im one of those tender headed people. smh So Im Soorrryyyy If I ever told you “it does not hurt that bad.” Becasue apparently it can… LMAO

Anyways other than that Im loving my locs, I cant wait for them to growww!

Check my insta story today I will be posting pictures of my journey!

Switching lanes from hair to sewing Im working on a printed ankara button up I cant wait to share with you! I used 2 different prints and kind of did a mismatched type of thing. Its so cute! Stay tuned babes.

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