• Pattern Review

    Mimi G. R10142

    Heyy Boo! Ok I’m here with a pattern review! This pattern is a Simplicity/ Mimi G Spring 2019 pattern. I got lucky because the day I went to Joanns an employee had just put out all the new patterns, they were on sale, and the store was pretty empty! The Sewing Gods were lookin out that day! LOL Ok so the pattern.. The short response is, I love it!

    When I saw Mimi G. post this pattern on her IG page I knew I had to have it! Y’all know I love a good button up! I didn’t alter anything on this pattern. When I saw it I was wondering how that hem was going to work out. It is a facing. It’s 3 pieces you sew together to make one long piece then you sew it all along the bottom of the shirt. Pretty simple.

    This shirt has a hidden placket. I love those, I think they make the garment look really neat and professional. Normally I have to take in patterns a bit even the size 6 but I didn’t have to do that with this pattern. The size 6 fit me perfectly.

    As I mentioned on IG, I did match the prints up in the front but I forgot to take into consideration the folding I would have to do to create the placket, (especially on the right side) which is the side that hides the buttons. Instead of matching the prints at the center front I did it at the edge of my fabric so after folding the prints no longer matched in the front. I honestly sewed this entire shirt and didn’t notice that until I attached the the collar and laid the shirt out. The first thing I said was I knew I should have just did white. LMAO

    Not gonna lie I was a bit irritated by the prints not matching up. LOL I did kind of throw it to the side in disgust and walk away. I was just being dramatic lol Mistakes happen in sewing. Its important to learn and grow from your sewing mistakes! So I’m still going to wear it this shirt but I do plan to make another one in white! lol

    I don’t want you all to think I sew everything perfectly the first time or I don’t make mistakes. I do, but I learn from them and keep it moving. You’re either going to fix it or start over in sewing. The sooner you decide how to fix your sewing mistake the faster you can be done and onto the next project is the way I look at it.

    All in all this is a great pattern and besides the pattern I love how this shirt came out! I do think because of the facing and the hidden placket this pattern is suitable for intermediate sewers.

    Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you!

  • D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    Spring Summer Fabric Haul!

    Hiii Loves! Happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

    This video is me showing you all the fabrics I got on a recent trip to New York. If you haven’t read my post “5 Tips to Have a Successful NY Fabric Shopping Trip” view it here!

    I planned to put this video on my IGTV but I forgot about the fact it had to be a vertical video so I’m letting it live here and on Youtube for a while. Not saying I’m starting a Youtube channel or anything but it’s here for a bit! LOL For the best quality watch this video in HD (1080p) by changing the settings on Youtube!

    This is my first time ever making a video! I’m soo goofy! LOL

    Are you sewing for spring/summer yet?? Let me know in the comments and tell a friend to check out my blog!! Check my IG page to see what patterns I plan to use for my spring/summer sewing!

    I hope you are having a restful Sunday and treating yourself to some self care today! XOXO

  • D.I.Y with Nichelle B.

    Camo Cropped Jacket D.I.Y

    Hey Loves!!! As always thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you checked my IG stories to get a sneak peek of me making of this jacket, but in case you didn’t I will fill you in and walk you through the process right now!!

    This fabric is from Mood. There was only about a yard and a half left so I just got all of that. I used an old jacket I already had as a guide to help me create this one. I love the fit of this jacket and it is cropped so I figured it would serve as a great guide. Pic of that jacket below.

    This is a jacket from H&M that I’ve had forever. I knew I didn’t have enough fabric to do all the details this jacket has like darts, back pleat, and back vent so I did the best I could.

    Even though this fabric is a medium weight I wanted to interface this jacket to give it a cleaner look. This fabric is a med weight so I didnt want anything that would make it too stiff. I used Pellon 911F to interface the front, back, and collar. I used another interfacing, that was slightly lighter in weight on the sleeves and the facing. It was an interfacing I already had in my stash so I’m not sure the exact name or number of it. I knew I would be moving my arms alot, so I didn’t want them to be too stiff.

    Don’t interface your seam allowance to eliminate bulk.

    I fully lined and interfaced this jacket. Unfortunately my lining is not all cool and fun its plain black cotton. lol

    I did welt pockets. Even though they did not come out perfect, they look good and I know what I need to do to improve for the next time! As cliche as it sounds “Practice makes Perfect” in sewing. Don’t be discouraged if something you are sewing is not “perfect”! Keep practicing.

    I noticed my other jacket had these little tabs on the shoulders so I did that too. I did not do buttonholes on the tabs because this button isn’t actually functional. I would never wear the jacket with those tabs sticking up.
    I also added the belt detail on the sleeve. Clearly this is before the sleeve was inserted. lol

    Lots of topstitching in this project!

    I still need to properly hem and topstitch the bottom and around the front. It just some baste stitches in there now. I also need to find buttons for this jacket. After that she will be good to go!!! What do you think? How did I do?

    I like this jacket. I feel like I will probably be more excited about it once the buttons get added!