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D.I.Y. Bathroom Mirror Frame

Hey Boo! Thanks for stopping by! So, I recently moved and the mirror in my bathroom was plain and boring. You can see a picture of it below.

There was a bunch of crap on my bathroom counter as I was still moving in so I cropped the pic, but you can get the idea of how the frame looked before. Not bad… Just super plain.. lol

I was thinking of ways to spruce up my bathroom and good ole Pinterest came through! I definitely can’t take credit for the idea or assembly of this project. This tutorial was very detailed, and helpful. I pretty much followed her exact instructions. I also had needed the help of my mom and brother. This project was kind of out of my element, y’all know I’m more of a sewing, Martha Stewart crafts kinda gal, so trying to go shopping, with a list, in The Home Depot, was soo overwhelming. Especially because the most experience I have with tools is putting a nail in the wall with a hammer, oh and I’ve screwed things with a screwdriver before! LOL So I did have to go back a few times before I had everything, but all the trips were worth it in the end.

I got my wood cut to size at Home Depot, the stain I used was Varathane in color Special Walnut.

The only thing that was different about our frames was the color stain. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a darker stain wood. I’ve never stained wood before and I thought this would be dark enough. I used the same color stain as her “Special Walnut” but I did use a different brand so I guess that made a difference. I kept thinking the stain would get darker as it dried, when I realized this was the final color I was so mad. I just started at the can of stain like how could you betray me like this???? LOL Although I didn’t like the color of the stain, I refused to go back to Home Depot. So I just went with it… You could paint or even spray paint this frame if the wood stain doesn’t suit you.

The tutorial said to paint the mending plates before you use them but I still went back to touch up the paint and paint over the screws. I used some regular black acrylic paint I already had at home to paint these.
Here you can see how the frame is hung on the wall. You attach the frame using D-ring hangers. Im lifting it a bit here so you can see, but it does sit flush with the wall.

As far as price this project is pretty budget friendly.

  • Wood- About $10
  • Wood Stain- $6 or regular paint/spray paint
  • Mending plates-$3
  • Screws$2
  • D-ring hangers- $3
  • Acrylic paint- $1-2
  • Wood Glue- $3
  • Drop Cloth- $1 (My local dollar tree had some)
  • You will also need a drill or screwdriver or some sort

In conclusion, I think if you have experience with wood working and shopping in Home Depot, this would be a simple project for you. For me, the hardest part was shopping for all the things. Y’all should have saw me staring at the power drills! LOL A couple times I just said “Forget this, I’m gonna go look at the plants..” I did all the shopping and planning of the project by myself, my mom and brother just helped with the assembly. So do seek help if you start to feel overwhelmed.

Even though the stain didn’t come out the shade I wanted, I still like the end result and I think the mirror looks way better with it!!

What do you think of this project?? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading this far and visiting my blog! Appreciate you boo! XOXO

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