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    Sequin x Snakeskin Midi Skirt

    Heyyy Boo

    Just dropping by with a super quick and easy D.I.Y. midi skirt!!! A simple upgrade to a simple midi skirt is to do it in a fun fabric. I chose this sequin snakeskin print knit fabric which I’m in love with!!! I normally hate working with sequins but the sequins on this fabric are really small so they weren’t that much of a pain to work with. Check out my fabric haul video here if you want a close up of this fabric. I paired this skirt with a sweater and a nude heel for a cute laid back look. In the summer I plan to wear this with a silky cami!

    I did bind the side seams of this skirt so the sequins wouldn’t be uncomfortable against my skin. For the waistband I did a knit facing. I used some knit fabric I had in my stash already for that. A facing is a great option for a flat nicely finished waistband, especially with a sequin or itchy fabric.

    Elevate your next piece with an interesting fabric! Step outside the box! What do you think of this simple chic look? I think its perfect for spring and I can easily dress this skirt up or down wit flats or heels!

    Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

    P.S How gorgeous is this background??

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    Simplicity x Mimi G. Jacket

    Hey booo,

    As always. THANK YOU for stopping by my blog!

    Just FYI, I don’t say “thanks for stopping by” as some tired intro, I really mean it and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to visit, read, and support my blog!

    So this blog post is all about the Simplicity 10142 jacket! I did a post on the shorts so check that out if you haven’t seen it. I know you are probably tired of this outfit by now but I just wanted to share what the 2 pieces look like together.

    So, let’s talk about the jacket, this jacket is unlined, lightweight, and perfect for spring! There is a sew-along available on Youtube.com, so if you are nervous about sewing this check out the video first! A few sewists I know said they were kind of intimidated by this jacket but if you take your time and sew slowly you should be fine!

    I finished the inside of this jacket with pink bias tape. You can fold under to finish the inside of this jacket but the bias tape is a nice finish. Overall, I love how the jacket came out. I will try to get a few wears out of this jacket before it gets too warm.

    As far as fabric, I actually would not advise doing the jacket in this cotton canvas fabric. Although this print is amazing I think this fabric is a bit too heavy for this jacket. Around the collar area you have to sew through several layers of fabric. I had to clip a lot around every curve and press, press, press, this jacket. Although this jacket came out great, if I make it again, I would choose a slightly lighter weight fabric, like a twill. The navy blue lining I put under the flap of the jacket was just a lightweight poly fabric I had in my stash.

    Thanks again for all your comments on this post! I appreciate you all!!

    The next post is a health and wellness post combined with a little sewing D.I.Y.! I finally got around to combining my love of sewing and yoga to create a activewear outfit and I cant wait to share!

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! Tell a teacher how much they matter today!


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    Spring Summer Fabric Haul!

    Hiii Loves! Happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

    This video is me showing you all the fabrics I got on a recent trip to New York. If you haven’t read my post “5 Tips to Have a Successful NY Fabric Shopping Trip” view it here!

    I planned to put this video on my IGTV but I forgot about the fact it had to be a vertical video so I’m letting it live here and on Youtube for a while. Not saying I’m starting a Youtube channel or anything but it’s here for a bit! LOL For the best quality watch this video in HD (1080p) by changing the settings on Youtube!

    This is my first time ever making a video! I’m soo goofy! LOL

    Are you sewing for spring/summer yet?? Let me know in the comments and tell a friend to check out my blog!! Check my IG page to see what patterns I plan to use for my spring/summer sewing!

    I hope you are having a restful Sunday and treating yourself to some self care today! XOXO

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    Camo Cropped Jacket D.I.Y

    Hey Loves!!! As always thanks for stopping by! Hopefully you checked my IG stories to get a sneak peek of me making of this jacket, but in case you didn’t I will fill you in and walk you through the process right now!!

    This fabric is from Mood. There was only about a yard and a half left so I just got all of that. I used an old jacket I already had as a guide to help me create this one. I love the fit of this jacket and it is cropped so I figured it would serve as a great guide. Pic of that jacket below.

    This is a jacket from H&M that I’ve had forever. I knew I didn’t have enough fabric to do all the details this jacket has like darts, back pleat, and back vent so I did the best I could.

    Even though this fabric is a medium weight I wanted to interface this jacket to give it a cleaner look. This fabric is a med weight so I didnt want anything that would make it too stiff. I used Pellon 911F to interface the front, back, and collar. I used another interfacing, that was slightly lighter in weight on the sleeves and the facing. It was an interfacing I already had in my stash so I’m not sure the exact name or number of it. I knew I would be moving my arms alot, so I didn’t want them to be too stiff.

    Don’t interface your seam allowance to eliminate bulk.

    I fully lined and interfaced this jacket. Unfortunately my lining is not all cool and fun its plain black cotton. lol

    I did welt pockets. Even though they did not come out perfect, they look good and I know what I need to do to improve for the next time! As cliche as it sounds “Practice makes Perfect” in sewing. Don’t be discouraged if something you are sewing is not “perfect”! Keep practicing.

    I noticed my other jacket had these little tabs on the shoulders so I did that too. I did not do buttonholes on the tabs because this button isn’t actually functional. I would never wear the jacket with those tabs sticking up.
    I also added the belt detail on the sleeve. Clearly this is before the sleeve was inserted. lol

    Lots of topstitching in this project!

    I still need to properly hem and topstitch the bottom and around the front. It just some baste stitches in there now. I also need to find buttons for this jacket. After that she will be good to go!!! What do you think? How did I do?

    I like this jacket. I feel like I will probably be more excited about it once the buttons get added!

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    D.I.Y Adult Size Messenger Bag

    I wanted to give you all the details on how to create this bag! Whether it’s for yourself, someone else as a gift, or your little one this bag is fun to make and perfect for everyday use. This is the tutorial I followed to make this bag. However, I made alot of adjustments because this pattern is really for a kids size messenger bag. I really just made it bigger and added lots of hardware, some of it is optional. So for this bag you will need everything listed/pictured below. I use heavy fusible interfacing for the body, a medium weight for the flap, and a lightweight interfacing for the straps and tabs on the side. You can also use fusible fleece if you want a softer bag without as much structure.

    For this bag you will need:

    • 1 yard of fabric for outside of bag, cotton or canvas
    • 1 yard of fabric for inside lining,
    • 1 yard of interfacing for outside of bag
    • 1/2 yard of medium weight interfacing for the flap
    • 1/2 yard of lightweight interfacing for the straps and tabs (optional)
    • pins, scissors, chalk, pattern weights
    • 2 swivel hooks
    • 2 1 inch D- Rings or you can use the triangle rings
    • a purse closure of your choice (flip, turn, or press, lock)
    • a fashion slide adjuster (optional if you want adjustable strap)
    • small closure for the inside of the bag

    So to construct the bag you are going to follow the tutorial, ignoring her dimensions because again, they are for a kids bag. So follow her construction process and when it comes time to actually sew the lining to the bag, sandwiched in the middle will be your flap, 2 side tabs, and small closure in the middle. The last step is the most important part in the construction of this bag. You need to make sure everything is being caught then sew over it a couple times for security. Also don’t forget to add the shorter hand strap in the back! I like being able to carry the bag 2 ways.

    ALOT of the time that goes into making this bag is in the prep work. So before you actually sew the bag I suggest you to prep everything. That means making the flap, sewing pockets on your lining, making the bag straps, and making all the tab pieces for the D-rings and inside closure. ISo now onto the dimensions. The body of my bag is about 15 inches x 27 inches. Thats 15 inches across and 27 inches down just so were clear. LOL So you will cut your bag and your lining out at that size.

    Interface your outside bag piece and be sure not to interface your seam allowance, if you are using a stiff interfacing it will be too bulky to sew over. If you are using fusible interfacing you should be fine with interfacing your entire outside bag piece. If you are doing purse feet add them on after you interface the outside bag piece. You can do 2 or 4 purse feet on the bottom if you desire.

    Then you will cut out the flap which is 13 inches x 9 inches. As she does in the tutorial cut a rectangle first then use something round to cut 2 corners off to have rounded edges. I normally just use my curve ruler, but you can use a bowl, a cup, anything round. Rounding the corners is also optional but I think it looks best.

    To make the straps and tabs I use a 4 inch wide piece of fabric. Fold the ends in to meet each other, press, then fold them in again to have those ends meet and press. Sew down both sides. After the flap is cut out interface one side of it and sew the 2 flap pieces together. I use a medium weight fusible interfacing for my flaps and lightweight for the tabs.

    Then, after you have done all of that, you are ready to sew the bag together. Now if you are using really stiff interfacing keep in mind this bag does have to be turned right side out, so you will have to use a bit of force with that part. Also another note I like to do a small strip of lightweight interfacing in my strap and on my bag tabs.

    Here is the bag with everything prepped. interfacing on. Lining has pockets on it, straps made, tabs completed, and flap sewn. Now its ready to assemble.

    Again interfacing the tabs and straps is optional and I know you probably want to just skip it but I think you should do it. This bag is big enough to hold a 13 inch Macbook Air and I carry my laptop in it sometimes but the tabs on my first bag were not interfaced, so they kept doing this. lol

    This was soooo annoying. These interfaced tabs aren’t going anywhere.. They sit perfectly in the D-ring and I know this bag can support alot of weight. The straps on my other bag weren’t a problem so just using a small strip of lightweight interfacing in the middle of those should be enough!

    Be VERY precise when inserting your lock so it is straight! I find a press lock to be the easiest if you are a beginner, I think it is the easiest to line up. I feel like this lock on this one is a tiiny bit crooked. Also the flap is a bit too big, but it was already topstitched so I wasn’t going back. The dimensions I gave will give you a perfectly sized flap. I think after making this bag about 5-6 times I’ve mastered it. So don’t be hard on yourself if your first one isn’t perfect! Keep practicing and trying!
    Here is the bag in action, paired with my refashioned button up shirt! Go back a couple posts if you missed that one!

    Pleasee let me know if you have any questions about this bag or if you create this bag for yourself. I know this was alot of info but if you read everything thoroughly before getting started you will be good! I’m here if you have any questions! Add a comment here, email me, or find me on social media @itsnichelleb! I’m still trying to play around with how to have this bag convert into a backpack so if you have any suggestions on that help a sistah out!

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day beautiful! XOXO

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    Button Up Shirt Refashion

    Heyyy Boo,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love being creative and recycling/upcycling clothing or fabric. This shirt is a great way to spice up a basic button up shirt! This is a really easy, and fairly quick refashion. To make this shirt you would get a long sleeve button up shirt, preferably denim, cotton, or linen or average dress shirt weight, just not anything too light or flowy. These sleeves are kind of big so if you get a lightweight fabric is may look kind of weird with the weight of the bell sleeve on it.

    Once you have your shirt, mark where you are going to cut it. I recommend 1/2-1 inch above the elbows. This gives you a slightly dramatic sleeve, you can definitely go lower if you want a smaller sleeve, or cut right above your sleeve cuffs if you want a smaller baby bell sleeve. lol

    I used a kids circle skirt in a size Small/Medium, as the bell for my shirt. If your arm is bigger go up to a kids size large circle skirt. Note you may have to shorten the skirt a bit. Having a pattern is not necessary as there are lots of tutorials on how to cut out a circle skirt. You will be gathering the sleeve anyway so the fit does not have to be super precise. I like using the kids size skirt because I feel like it gives me just the right amount of fabric. You don’t want it to look like your arm is drowning in your sleeve… Or hey maybe you do.. LOL Test it out, cut the skirt out of muslin if you are unsure of the sizing.

    Once you have the sizing right and the skirt cut out hem the bottom of the skirt, gather the top of the skirt, and sew it onto onto the shirt. Press and finish your seams and thats it! Go out and rock your new upcycled shirt!

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    D.I.Y Kente Dress

    Hey Lovesss! Happyy Fridayyyy! This is the last look for my week of teacher style. This is a simple D.I.Y dress. I’ve made this dress before in a yellow linen. These colors are soo my vibe and I felt like the Kente print would be a great way to kick off Black History Month! I wanted to make something that was appropriate for work out of this fabric. I didn’t want to do pants because I have a few pair of Ankara print pants already and I thought a dress would be cool because I can layer it. I like this dress because its very chill.. lol I know I can wear it in the summer, layer it in the fall, and its cute with flats or heels!

    What do yall think?

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    D.I.Y Work Style

    Hey Lovess,

    If you follow me on IG, I have been showing you a week of teacher looks. I dress pretty chill/minimal for work. I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for this teaching job so I decided to dress up or tone down the pieces I already have. Stay tuned for Fridays look which I’m kind of excited to wear, it’s an outfit to kick off Black History Month!

    Monday – D.I.Y Wide Leg Pants

    Tuesday- McCalls Trouser Pattern
    Wednesday- Thrifted skirt, sweater from my mom

    Thursday- Oversize Sweater Zara
    Friday: D.I.Y Kente Print Dress
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    D.I.Y Plaid Pinafore Dress

    Hey Loves! As always thanks for stopping by! Today were talking about the pinafore dress! According to the dictionary a pinafore dress is “sleeveless garment similar to an apron, worn especially by small girls as a dress or an overdress.

    As you can see below pinafore type dresses aren’t worn as aprons or just for little girls any longer. I feel like the pinafore dress just like everything else in fashion has been around forever, they have just recently came back on the scene and got an upgrade.  I posted a collage of my inspiration on my IG and here it is below.

    I especially liked the outfit in the middle! I think it was styled perfectly and I just thought it was so cute and different. Unfortunately my fabric was too heavy for that look LOL sooo I had to go with a different style dress. I still want to make a dress like hers but I need to find a different fabric. Its hard to find good plaids! OMG All of them are flannel or like $60 a yard! I just want a cute plaid suiting fabric. Anyway, this fabric came from Joanns, it is a med weight suiting fabric, with a bit of stretch. So I was going for clueless vibes with this look. At first the skirt was a midi length pencil skirt and it was so cute I contemplated leaving it like that, it would have been cute with a white button up underneath! Then I thought it was a little bit too safe, so I cut it into a mini, which honestly, I feel like minis are coming back in style. For a while it was alllll about the midi length skirts and dresses and although I feel like both silhouettes will always be in style, I think were gonna go back to short. So here is my version below, I feel like its most like the girl on the bottom left, just without the ruffle at the bottom. Instead I did ruffles on the side. Thanks for all the kind comments y’all leave on my IG page! I really appreciate you and I hope y’all are enjoying the HOLIDAYS!!!

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    Birthday Outfit 2018!!

    Hey Lovess!

    I’ve missed you all! I feel like its been a while since I’ve written a blog post! October was kind of a busy month for me, I have a couple posts to catch up on and I’m starting with my birthday post! All about my cropped sweatshirt and long skirt! This outfit was inspired by @kahlanabarfield. I didn’t think I would remake it for my birthday, but it turned out to be perfect for it! I knew I wanted to wear black but I didn’t have anything particular in mind. When I saw this I said yep I love it and then I made it. LOL

    The fabric is from fabric.com and it is the regular sweatshirt fleece. The ribbed fabric on the sleeves and waistband is from Joanns Fabric. This outfit is super warm and comfy. However, just keep in mind sweatshirt material does not have much stretch at all. So if you want more stretch you may want to consider another heavy/medium weight knit fabric. Which I think will still look great. My skirt had a split in the back so I can walk, the 2 pockets in the front, the ribbed waistband, and thats it! No zippers OR elastic! Can you say EASYY.

    I created this pattern using the same basic A-line dress pattern I always talk about. lol (McCalls 9172)

    I had never made a hoodie before but it was so easy. In the fall & winter I live in sweatshirts so I do want to make more. So like I said I used the A-line dress pattern and just cut it in half. The bottom was my skirt and the top was the base for the hoodie.

    To create the hoodie I just flared the sides on the top out a bit so my sweatshirt could be a little bit bigger. Then I added sleeves and the ribbed cuffs. For the hood I used a random hood from one of my jacket patterns. I know that prob wasn’t the best idea but it worked out. lol I checked like all my patterns with hoods to make sure it was the perfect size. So after I made the hood I attached it to the shirt. Around this part is where I would say double check to make sure your neck hole is big enough because it will shrink a bit once you add the hood. After that I put the drawstring in and I left the hem on the bottom raw so I was done!

    The only thing I wish I would have considered was an eyelet to put where my drawstring comes out on the hood. I didn’t have one so I had to just put a hole in my fabric which doesn’t look bad because everything is all black and you can hardly see it but still in the future I would definitely use an eyelet to give it a clean look. As you can see I loved the hoodie and wore it like all weekend!

    Oh and the little black tulle skirt was an afterthought but I liked it! It was just 7 or 8 layers of tulle cut into a circle skirt with an elastic waistband.


    I love Kahlana Barfield’s style and I mean who doesn’t love an Effortless Comfy Slay?!


    Thanks for following and supporting ya girl! I truly appreciate YOU! My next post Im going to be sharing the details on the dress I made to wear to my sisters wedding and a post all about my locs!