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    My Journey: Modeling, Hair, Yoga, and Fashion

    Hey darlings! Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to make a blog post telling you all about my locs when it occurred to me. Most of you may not even know I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been since 2008! I rarely talk about my hair (because this is a fashion blog, not a natural hair blog lol) but I wear many hats as you can probably tell by now, which is why I wanted to write this post to give you a little insight into my journey. Get comfy, were going on a ride…

    The journey starts when I’m about 12-13, I wanted to be a model. My mom, I love her. She Is my #1 fan, and she supported my dream of wanting to be a model. Back in those days it used to be her and I, waking up early, driving super far, going to modeling school, going on casting  calls, photo shoots, trips to New York. I remember being the only black girl in the room, never getting the part. As young teen I really didn’t understand the complexity and inner workings of the modeling industry. I thought one takes pics, go on auditions, and sooner or later you get a part. After about 3 years of chasing that dream, I gave up and didn’t want to pursue modeling anymore. I knew even with my hair permed straight, I still was not who agencies were looking for. So I walked gracefully off the commercial modeling scene and started doing more local modeling. Modeling with troops, walking in school shows like Catwalk Classics, and modeling in college Homecoming fashion shows, was more my style. So at this point, I’m a little older now, maybe 15-16 and I had still been modeling a bit, but it definitely was not something I pursued…

    That’s how hair, yoga, and fashion started to come into the picture. I feel like I’m always going to be a stylist, a yogi, and a fashion/sewing enthusiast. This journey starts in high school, I had been a shampoo girl since I was about 15-16 years old. I started at and learned the basics from @salonchristol and it was her who convinced me to sign up for hair school in high school. Which was one of the best decisions ever! I liked doing hair, it was fun, I made money, and most importantly, I got to be creative. By 17 I had my cosmetology license. I planned on just having it as a plan B, and good thing I did because that is what I fell back on when I didn’t get into Clark Atlanta the first time I applied.

    I knew I was going to go to Clark Atlanta University after my first HBCU college tour in 10th grade. I didn’t apply to any other schools, I wasn’t interested in anywhere else except Clark Atlanta. So you can imagine I was heartbroken when I didn’t get in. Still, determined to make it to college, I started doing hair at a salon, and went to community college for a year. I reapplied to Clark again the following year and STILL did not get in. Can you say devastated? I beat myself up sooo bad. I wondered was I even capable of going to, let alone finishing college? I mean I had a 3.0 GPA I wasn’t a horrible student. Little did Clark Atlanta know denying me just added fuel to the fire because I was getting into that school, finishing, and walking across that stage. Period. People go to college for all kinds of reasons, I went because I had something to prove to MYSELF. So I applied a third time and this time I was not taking no for an answer. I applied, and instead of waiting on a letter in the mail, I went to Atlanta, to the admissions office, met with an adviser and told him “I’ve applied here 3 times, if you all don’t accept me, I need to know why.” I was accepted on the spot and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

    During college is when my love for sewing & DIY fashion really began to blossom. Shoutout to @apairandaspare. That was the first DIY blog I had ever saw and stalked and the first DIY sewing project I ever tried came off her blog! lol I was in a fashion buying program so I really didn’t have any fashion design classes, but I would sit in on some of the fashion design classes at Clark and just admire them sewing and draping fabrics. I was also partying ALOT in college but I was a broke college student so I didn’t have money for new outfits all the time. I had a sewing machine, so I figured out how to use it, and I started buying vintage/thrifted clothes and revamping them into cute dresses and party outfits.

    So 3 years flys by and now college is over, and I’m in that post-grad period of confusion. Fear got a hold of me and whispered in my ear “oh just go back to what you know. Go do hair, just stick with your plan B.” Plan A was ALWAYS fashion for me, back in 2013 after college, I wanted to start my blog, I wanted to create and inspire people, I knew I had it in me… but FEAR… smh So after college I went back to doing hair and 2 years into it I realized, I’m like reeally unhappy. Probably lowkey, depressed in my life right now. I’m not passionate about my work. I loved doing hair but I hated working in a corporate salon, I had no energy for anything. I was easily irritated and I just started to feel idk lost and broken spirited, I was always asking myself is this all there is to life? Work, eat, sleep???

    That is when I reached out to God. In 2015 I got baptized and in 2016 I started yoga school. At that time I do think I was experiencing a spiritual awakening or transformation. This quote explains my shift perfectly “ I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”

    That right there IS THE TRUTH, it is exactly what happened to me. Yoga school was a very eye-opening experience, that broke me down and built me back up. I had to unlearn so much. Studying yoga caused a shift in my personal growth and I began to find and love myself and my life in ways I had never done before.

    I began to ask myself, why am I doing something I don’t love? Why am I settling? What would make me happy right now? How do I want to feel? Am I really present in this moment? Fear, self-doubt, and listening to others, kept me in that little bubble of comfort and complacency. I always knew I was a creative. I am art, I need to express myself, I cant be micro managed, I like to be able to express myself in my work. After doing hair for the past 8 years.. I finally decided to step out on faith quit my job as a hair stylist last year and go after what I really love, which is fashion! So far it has been an amazing journey but its only the beginning. Looking back I’m upset I let fear hold me back for so long.. However I don’t regret anything about the journey… Not the fear, student loans, the club nights, the tears, the having my laptop stolen, apartment break ins, losing my yoga final, the broke college days, long distance relationships, lonely moments, none of it. It was all a part of the journey.. I’m here now and I’m only going up from here.

    Is my life perfect? Of course not! Do I still get sad sometimes? Yes. But do I trust the universe and what it has in store for me. Absolutely. It’s like that popular Instagram post. At this point I just trust the universe so much that IDGAF! Honestly, I’m not making 6 figures yet, but I love my jobs. I love working for myself. I love that I don’t have bosses anymore, I have partners. There is something to be grateful for everyday, even on the low days. I can’t tell you how podcasts like Super Soul Sunday and BGIO (Black Girl In Om), journaling, and even social media have been instrumental in helping me and connecting me with like-minded people on this journey. Starting any journey can be scary, taking a risk, quitting your job, following your dream, it can be difficult but “Speaking and living our truth is the most powerful tool we have.” Everybody’s journey is different but its YOURS. Trust your journey and your process, put in the work, be grateful, be present, set intentions, speak the truth, grow, glow, and let your Goddess show baby!!

    Hopefully that gave you a little more insight about me and my journey. My next post will be all about my loc journey. All the details about my thick set of locs will be in the post. So stay tuned!

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    How to Stay Motivated and Committed to a Lifestyle Change in 5 Steps

    Today I want to give you some tips on how effectively make a lifestyle change. I personally have been going through a few lifestyle changes so that is what inspired me to write this post. I also felt with so many people watching “What the Health” lately I should write this post to help you stay motivated if it is a healthy lifestyle you are trying to implement.

    Making a lifestyle change is challenging, especially when you want to transform many things at once, like me. Lol Lifestyle changes are a journey and process that require support, preparation, and time. Once you’re ready to make a change, the difficult part is staying motivated and committed. Most people try to implement a lifestyle change in one step or overnight and it simply doesn’t happen like that. You have to make a plan that will prepare you for success, set small specific goals, and before you know it you start to grow, learn, evolve, and relish the results or just the journey (like me with yoga) of your new lifestyle change!

    Even if the change is something like writing more, starting yoga, exercising, spending more time with family, or learning a new hobby I feel these tips still apply!

    So you’ve decided to make a lifestyle change? I’m so happy you found the courage to do this! I hope these tips help along your journey!

    1. Mentally prepare. This is where you do your research, find inspiration, find a mentor, accountability partner, or support group. Remember lifestyle changes require support so even if you have to look online for a Facebook group or attend classes of some sort once a week, find your support. Research, research, research. Doing your research will reveal the truth about whatever it is you are about to embark on. Find out everything and write as many notes as you can about your new lifestyle change. When starting something new I always like to google “Things I wish I knew before”  going vegan for example, most times very useful info comes up from  people who have already tried what you are about to do.

    • Mentally visualize yourself implementing your new change. What do you feel like? What do you look like? I’m a big fan of visualization. Go there, meditate, see, feel, touch, hear, taste, your new lifestyle change! If you’re not really into visualization you could write a letter to yourself about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what your main goal is. Being able to reflect on why you started will help on days you feel unmotivated.
    • It also helps during the mental preparation stage to reprogram your mind and eliminate certain words or phrases from your vocabulary. Words are powerful and they could be the reason you fail or flourish. For example, what if Nikes slogan was “Just try it!” That really changes things. There is a difference between trying and doing. Are you going to do this or just try it? Be honest with yourself and don’t make excuses. If it’s a priority you will find the time to cook a meal, study, stretch, or do whatever lifestyle change you are trying to implement. If it’s not you will make excuses like “I don’t have time, I tried, or I will tomorrow.”

    1. Clean your space– In this phase you should tidy up, make your space fresh, and free it of clutter. Open windows, diffuse essential oils, get some house plants, play music, or burn incense. De-cluttering really helps you think clearly and a warm space can lighten your mood. Click here to read my post on Minimalism if you want to know more about the benefits of living with less. If it’s new eating habits you’re trying to cultivate maybe you clean out your refrigerator at this point and throw away the unhealthy foods you no longer want to eat, again baby steps lol. Speaking of space, it helps to find one to indulge in your craft, hobby, or lifestyle change. Maybe the space is in your apartment or home already, you just need to de-clutter but if not, parks, libraries, a gym, and community center classes are all great places to start.

    3. Organize your schedule– Lifestyle changes take time as I stated, so tap into your time management skills here. Go back over your plan and specific goals and set a date to get things done by. Remember small steps, so make sure your goals are achievable and real. Devote a specific amount of time every day or week for whatever it is you want to do. You may have to say no to some invitations so that you can do what is a priority to you.

    4. Just Do It– By now you have done research, made a plan, set goals, prepared mentally, you’ve cleaned your space, and changed your words so that you can thrive on your journey. Now take small steps to start implementing your new lifestyle. You don’t go to the gym on day one of working out trying to lift a 100 pound weight or run 10 miles. No you would start with 5-10 pound then 20 pounds, then 30 and so forth. Approach your change the same way. Most people give up lifestyle changes or “new year resolutions” because they try to do it ALL at once or do it ALL alone. They quickly get overwhelmed, and then just quit. You don’t start out anything as an expert so allow yourself time to grow, learn, and make mistakes on whatever journey you are about to embark on. If you regress, or miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, it is ok. Life goes on.

    5. While you’re doing it– Ok so you’ve stared implementing your lifestyle now it is vital to stay consistent, and motivated! In the beginning you may have moments of temptation, weakness, doubt, fear, and/or laziness. This brings me to my next point which is journaling. I love journaling because there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you want to type, write on paper, write on an ipad, it doesn’t matter. It only matters that you document your journey and how you feel. This step may seem unimportant or like a waste but you never know how much you’re holding in until you put the pen to paper and just let it all out! If you’re not cool with a journal just write it all out then delete or throw it away afterwards so that the thoughts are out of your mind. Check in with your mentor or accountability partner, continue to do your research, and continue to fall more in love with your new lifestyle change.  Find ways to motivate yourself, because ultimately the power to change is within YOU. No one can implement change for you except YOU. You can do this!

    *Remember to be patient with yourself, encourage yourself, and do NOT give up. Know from the beginning going back, quitting, or giving up is not an option. Don’t do anything you aren’t prepared to do for the rest of your life. Lifestyle changes aren’t a phase, a diet, or a resolution; they are a journey, and an evolution! You can do this! I believe you can make the changes necessary for a more rewarding creative life!