New Years Outfit M7635

Heyy Loves,

Thanks for stopping by! Im so behind on my blog posts! Happy Blessed New Year! I spent the New Year in New York with my cousin. We went to a club and although it was fun to get dressed up; walking in the rain, in heels, trying not to get my hair wet, while semi- freezing is not my ideal way to bring in the New Year. LOL! It was something to do instead of struggling to stay up until midnight, like I normally do. Next year I would probably choose my bed or a chill night in over the club scene.

Anyway moving on to the outfit! This pattern is McCalls 7653 View B. The fabric is from Joanns, it is a stretch velvet, that I instantly fell in love with when I saw it. The shiny finish really makes it stand out. I’ve only made one other dress out of velvet and I liked it but I didn’t love it. This dress I actually LOVE. lol I got compliments all night and I felt like an Icy Princess when I wore this outfit. Also, this dress is super easyyy! No elastic, no zippers, no darts! Y’all know I don’t make alot of knit garments, so I was surprised a garment could be this cute with such little construction details.

This is also the only cowl neck garment I own. I love how subtly sexy this dress is between the halter top and the cowl neckline and the slits on the side you can definitely show off a bit of skin in this dress! lol If you want a quick easy going out dress I would say add this pattern to your stash! Let me know what y’all think of this dress and fabric!

Also, more pics of this dress are on my IG @ITSNICHELLEB. These pics were taken on my phone, in the club, ugh, it was raining so I couldn’t get any pics outside! Thanks again for stopping by, and all of you who leave comments on my page and write me sweet DM’S! I appreciate YOU so very much!



Heyyyy looves!!

I cant believe its already been 4 months since I started my journey! Time flies! Im happy with the size and this time I am not combing them out. LOL I have about 85 locs, opposed to the 52 I had last time. My hair is in a weird stage right now. I was just getting over this stage with my last set of locs when I combed them out. Its like a love hate type of relationship with my hair right now.. The stage of trying to embrace the frizz. Its so weird, but I kinda like it. Im not in a rush for them to fully form and be full locs yet lol so I kinda like the frizzy stage, I just dont like it for when I want to wear slicker styles like buns.

I do have a few baby locs. Nobody believes me when I say my hairline is weird because I have hair there but it is! Its always been these 2 areas around my hairline on the left and the right where the hair is shorter  and more fragile. I have no idea why but it just is, so right inthose 2 spots is where my baby locs are! They are very short compared to the rest of my locs but you probably cant tell because they still blend in with my hair. Im just curious to see if those locs will actually grow.

Another thing I learned about myself with locs is I’m just a tender headed person now and I’ve NEVER been tender headed in my life. But now omggg every little style after 1 day, Im like, “its tight, it hurt, I have a headache, I wanna take the bobbi pins out!” LMAO

So Im also curious to see if I will grow out of the tenderness because its annoying to me to be so tender headed. Especially because I used to be a stylist and adults that were tender headed didn’t annoy me but I just felt like “omg grow up” lls now Im one of those tender headed people. smh So Im Soorrryyyy If I ever told you “it does not hurt that bad.” Becasue apparently it can… LMAO

Anyways other than that Im loving my locs, I cant wait for them to growww!

Check my insta story today I will be posting pictures of my journey!

Switching lanes from hair to sewing Im working on a printed ankara button up I cant wait to share with you! I used 2 different prints and kind of did a mismatched type of thing. Its so cute! Stay tuned babes.

D.I.Y Plaid Pinafore Dress

Hey Loves! As always thanks for stopping by! Today were talking about the pinafore dress! According to the dictionary a pinafore dress is “sleeveless garment similar to an apron, worn especially by small girls as a dress or an overdress.

As you can see below pinafore type dresses aren’t worn as aprons or just for little girls any longer. I feel like the pinafore dress just like everything else in fashion has been around forever, they have just recently came back on the scene and got an upgrade.  I posted a collage of my inspiration on my IG and here it is below.

I especially liked the outfit in the middle! I think it was styled perfectly and I just thought it was so cute and different. Unfortunately my fabric was too heavy for that look LOL sooo I had to go with a different style dress. I still want to make a dress like hers but I need to find a different fabric. Its hard to find good plaids! OMG All of them are flannel or like $60 a yard! I just want a cute plaid suiting fabric. Anyway, this fabric came from Joanns, it is a med weight suiting fabric, with a bit of stretch. So I was going for clueless vibes with this look. At first the skirt was a midi length pencil skirt and it was so cute I contemplated leaving it like that, it would have been cute with a white button up underneath! Then I thought it was a little bit too safe, so I cut it into a mini, which honestly, I feel like minis are coming back in style. For a while it was alllll about the midi length skirts and dresses and although I feel like both silhouettes will always be in style, I think were gonna go back to short. So here is my version below, I feel like its most like the girl on the bottom left, just without the ruffle at the bottom. Instead I did ruffles on the side. Thanks for all the kind comments y’all leave on my IG page! I really appreciate you and I hope y’all are enjoying the HOLIDAYS!!!

Simplicity 0839 Bodysuit

Hey Lovessss!

This post is overdue, I know. So many events go in the way of me taking pictures of this bodysuit. I’m kinda upset I haven’t made a bodysuit sooner! It was so easy and fun. I sewed the entire bodysuit on my serger and I did View D.

I don’t work alot with knits, not because I don’t like them I just feel like most of the garments and patterns I like are not knits. Anyway I had this pattern and fabric for about a year and just had this outfit vision come into my mind. Sometimes when I do that the outfit does not come out as I envisioned but this time it did! Im also a tiny bit ashamed to say I’ve had these overalls form H&M for legit about 5 years and this was my first time wearing them . SMH lol I never threw them away because I knew they would come in handy one day, and I was right. LOLOL But clearly I’m not really an overalls type of gal.

I did make a small modification to the pattern and that was not doing an invisible zipper in the back and instead adding snaps in the middle. I just felt like if it has a zipper when I go to the bathroom I will have to unzip it and take the whole bodysuit off and ughhh who wants to do that. So yes snaps in the middle like a onesie. Yass for easy bathroom access! I definitely want to make another bodysuit, I like them because of their versatility! Besides ditching the zipper I did not make any other adjustments and the fit is perfect!  What do you think of this look? Have you made this bodysuit before?

Let me know drop a comment with your cute self! Thanks for stopping by!

So happy this outfit came out exactly as I envisioned. Love this pattern!


I took this picture at a weird time, the sun was setting, and it was already a kind of cloudy day so I feel like this pic is giving a natural filter. lol

Birthday Outfit!!

Hey Lovess!

I’ve missed you all! I feel like its been a while since I’ve written a blog post! October was kind of a busy month for me, I have a couple posts to catch up on and I’m starting with my birthday post! All about my cropped sweatshirt and long skirt! This outfit was inspired by @kahlanabarfield. I didn’t think I would remake it for my birthday, but it turned out to be perfect for it! I knew I wanted to wear black but I didn’t have anything particular in mind. When I saw this I said yep I love it and then I made it. LOL

The fabric is from and it is the regular sweatshirt fleece. The ribbed fabric on the sleeves and waistband is from Joanns Fabric. This outfit is super warm and comfy. However, just keep in mind sweatshirt material does not have much stretch at all. So if you want more stretch you may want to consider another heavy/medium weight knit fabric. Which I think will still look great. My skirt had a split in the back so I can walk, the 2 pockets in the front, the ribbed waistband, and thats it! No zippers OR elastic! Can you say EASYY.

I created this pattern using the same basic A-line dress pattern I always talk about. lol (McCalls 9172)

I had never made a hoodie before but it was so easy. In the fall & winter I live in sweatshirts so I do want to make more. So like I said I used the A-line dress pattern and just cut it in half. The bottom was my skirt and the top was the base for the hoodie.

To create the hoodie I just flared the sides on the top out a bit so my sweatshirt could be a little bit bigger. Then I added sleeves and the ribbed cuffs. For the hood I used a random hood from one of my jacket patterns. I know that prob wasn’t the best idea but it worked out. lol I checked like all my patterns with hoods to make sure it was the perfect size. So after I made the hood I attached it to the shirt. Around this part is where I would say double check to make sure your neck hole is big enough because it will shrink a bit once you add the hood. After that I put the drawstring in and I left the hem on the bottom raw so I was done!

The only thing I wish I would have considered was an eyelet to put where my drawstring comes out on the hood. I didn’t have one so I had to just put a hole in my fabric which doesn’t look bad because everything is all black and you can hardly see it but still in the future I would definitely use an eyelet to give it a clean look. As you can see I loved the hoodie and wore it like all weekend!

Oh and the little black tulle skirt was an afterthought but I liked it! It was just 7 or 8 layers of tulle cut into a circle skirt with an elastic waistband.


I love Kahlana Barfield’s style and I mean who doesn’t love an Effortless Comfy Slay?!


Thanks for following and supporting ya girl! I truly appreciate YOU! My next post Im going to be sharing the details on the dress I made to wear to my sisters wedding and a post all about my locs!

Ruffle Skirt D.I.Y

Hey Loves!! I hope you all are having an amazing week!

I dont even know where to start with this skirt. lol I just feel like its a whole story.. Ok so lets start with the fabric. It is actually one fabric here is a picture of it before I cut it. I also bought one more fabric which I didn’t take a picture of (sorry) so I could have 7 layers. I bought juust enough fabric so I was glad about that.

Now onto the inspiration… I’ve had this picture saved in my phone for a while. It took me so long to make it because Im soo indecisive! How was I going to choose 7 different fabrics to go in one skirt??? LOL I know the skirt is like mismatched fabrics but I at least wanted it to be in the same color family. So when I saw this fabric I was like yes perfect all different fabrics in one. It looks like this skirt may have been pleated and not gathered but I knew pleats would take a little more time and fabric so I just went with the gathers. The designer of this skirt is Stella Jean. Now onto the construction.


Now my original plan was to do an invisible zipper in the back. So I  made a basic pencil skirt to go underneath it out of plain black cotton. It had 2 darts in the front and the opening was in the back.

So I measured (or thought I measured) it out perfectly where the ruffles would end right at the top and I could just attach the waistband and be done. However things didnt go as planned and when I was done attaching all the ruffles I had alot of skirt left at the top. I needed that skirt portion that was at the top because thats where the darts were and thats what gave the skirt some shape. The base skirt fit like a glove by the way. So I ended up having to cut alot of the top of the skirt off and at that point the skirt was a little too big. In order for me to really really fix it I would have had to take apart all the ruffles and start over attaching them from the top and I just didnt want to do that. So I ended up cutting some off of the top, taking it in a little at bottom, and just doing an elastic waist.

Soo if you make this skirt and want to do a zipper instead of elastic, start with a basic skirt as the base. Measure and mark where you want the ruffles to go and start attaching ruffles from the top not the bottom That way if there is skirt leftover it will be at the bottom and you can just hem it.

After I was done with this skirt I was so mad I just stuffed it in the back of my closet. I had to let my frustrations wear off before I could look at this again! lol

I paired this skirt with a DIY shirt I made. I felt it was already alot of prints going on so why not add more!


Podcast Review: Side Hustle Pro

Hey Lovesss!

I hope you all are having a great start to the week! Sending you electronic hugs and positive energy today. I’m back with another podcast review and it just so happens to fit well with the theme of #Sewphotohop Day:24, which is “While sewing I ___” .

While sewing, I do listen to music and randomly dance, but I most of the time while sewing I listen to podcasts! So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do another podcast review. Today I’m talking about the Side Hustle Pro Podcast, one of my favorites. Nicaila Matthews Okome is the host of this podcast, which launched in 2016. Since then the podcast and Nicaila’s following has grown tremendously with almost a million downloads and over 50,00 followers on IG. Side Hustle Pro is the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business. This podcast is one to you need to add to your library.

Every time I listen to this podcast, I’m reminded that l’m not alone and that we all have ups and downs in our businesses, lives, and side hustles. These are real women who look just like me and are trying or have already conquered the road to successful full time entrepreneurship. Its beyond inspiring listening to these women tell their stories, and I’m just delighted this podcast provides a space for them to do so.

I decided to go with a “PRO-LIST” when reviewing the podcasts because I feel its easier to digest if I just hit you with the bullets of pros about the podcast, instead of one loong paragraph.

So scroll this list and see why you need to subscribe this podcast asap!

  • Tells our stories. It shines a light on the untold narratives of women of color. (that should be enough to make you click subscribe)
  • Voice– I like Nicaila’s voice. lol Its really chill, she’s not overly goofy or super serious either. I love when hosts have that perfect balance.
  • Guests- The guests are AMAZING. Seriously from billion dollar business owners, to stock traders, to barbie doll creators this podcast highlights some pretty dope women.
  • DMV GIRL BOSSES– Nicaila was born in Jamaica, raised in Bronx NY, and I believe she currently resides in DC. So she has interviewed some dope girl bosses in the DMV area. Angel Anderson the owner of The Spice Suite and Jerri Evans owner of Turning Natural have made appearances in the guest chair. It is so amazing to hear podcast from people and places who I already support!
  • Podcast flow– Most podcasts do a little music to introduce the podcast but her intro is a snippet o the podcast and i think that is brilliant and this podcast is the first one I ever heard do that.
  • She breaks it down– Nicaila asks her guests to talk to us like we know nothing about what they do. I love that, because sometimes I don’t know anything about trading stocks or the steps it takes to open a smoothie shop. If a guest is talking about something she think we may not understand she’ll ask “can you explain further, what does that process look like, or can you break it down for me please?”  Just asking those questions to gain clarity, allows me to really understand and put myself in their shoes.
  • Solo episodes- Every once in a while Nicaila will do a solo episode where she shares her journey to success and entrepreneurship.
  • If you have a side hustle, you want to start one, or you want to take your side hustle to the next level then this podcast is sure to inspire and empower you to become a side hustle Pro!

Follow Nicaila, @sidehustlepro on IG, Facebook. and Twitter. You can also visit her website and listen to episodes on Soundcloud.

If you have already listened to this podcast. Let me know what you think about it!

#Sewphotohop Day 19: KNOWLEDGE HUB

Hey Loves!

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by! This post is one I’ve wanted to do for a while. If you follow me on IG you know I’m participating in the #sewphotohop sewing challenge. The theme for today is Knowledge Hub and for it I wanted to put all the resources I use as it pertains to sewing in one post. So I’m sharing with you my favorite websites, books, blogs, magazines, patterns, podcasts, people I follow on IG, and my favorite sewing youtubers! LOL It’s a lot I know, so to keep things simple I tried to only list 5 in each category. So 5 blogs, 5 websites, etc. If you’ve never sewn before there are some great resources on this list and you may want to print it out or pass it along to a friend. As self-taught sewist I want you to know there is A LOT OF FREE CONTENT OUT THERE! I also want to thank the people who put out these videos and teach us online for free. People, bloggers, and teachers, making videos and putting out free content has been a major part of my sewing and learning journey.

Unfortunately I didn’t link to every resource because there are so many but like I said feel free to print this or write some of the resources down!

So lets get started!

PATTERNS: Were all familiar with commercial patterns but what about indie patterns? Indie pattern is short for an independently produced pattern. Although indie patterns have been around for ages, I think they really have gained popularity in the last few years and are changing the sewing pattern game. Commercial patterns like McCalls and Vogue are AMAZING don’t get me wrong, but I think us home sewers forget they aren’t the only ones making sewing patterns.

Pros of buying indie patterns: You can log onto the internet and see exactly who created your pattern, even shoot them a dm or email.  You know exactly where your money is going. I think independent pattern designers are also gaining popularity because they can design whatever they want! Often times they design the items or garments we normally can’t find with commercial patterns, like stylish men’s patterns, plus size patterns, or cute patterns for boys. The fit is much better and directions are easier to understand than on commercial patterns also. If you sew you know the measurements on a commercial pattern are trash. lol If fit is something you struggle with using commercial patterns, try an indie pattern! compiled a great list of indie pattern designers, click here to check it out!

A few other indie patterns to check out are:– sewing patterns for kids – indie pattern designer, and blogger @stylesewme on IG  (paid membership site but still great) (the new Craftsy Unlimited, paid membership site where you can stream online classes)

BLOGS- Now this was the hardest category for sure. Because there are soo many sewing blogs I love and frequently visit. They are all so different too! Just know there are tons of other blogs you can check out and I’m happy you stopped past this one! Free beginner friendly patterns and projects.

Colette is a group of creative people who want to share their love for sewing. They have different brands under them, like Seamwork and Colette patterns. The blog is no longer active but you can still browse their 9 year archive. Seamwork also had a podcast you can check out.– The worlds most popular men’s sewing blog. This blog is ran by Peter Lappin who is the Threads Magazine Digital Ambassador. Check this blog out for some sewing inspo if you are a man or woman. Peter makes some beautiful clothing. – ran by Johanna Lou (@itchtostitch on ig) she is a sewing vlogger, she’s currently working on a book, and she makes a lot of activewear if you’re into that.– Bernina’s official blog Art of D.I.Y– Mood Fabrics Official Blog– McCalls pattern company official blog

PODCASTS- Sewing with Threads, Mimi G- Business Shet, Love To Sew Podcast,  Modern Sewciety, podcast, The Suuchi Podcast, and The Accidental Creative (has nothing to do with sewing but it great if you are a creative). I’ve listened to all of these podcasts and it was soo hard not to go into detail about each of them.

MAGAZINES– I haven’t bought any sewing magazines in a while but don’t sleep on them! I have a stash I’ll prob never get rid of. The tips, tricks, and patterns in those magazines are so helpful. Sew News Magazine, Threads, Burdastyle, and Sewn Magazine ran by @thatblackchic are all great.

BOOKSCouture Sewing Techniques by Claire Schaeffer, Complete Guide to Perfect Fitting by Sarah Veblen, The Sewing Book by Allison Smith, If you want to start a blog the book Blog Inc. by Joy Cho was good, any book by Jan Minnot, Sewing Shirts with a Perfect Fit by David Page Coffin. I could go on and on in this category, books have been instrumental.

ON YOUTUBE– My first and fave two sewing teachers on Youtube will always be Mimi G. and Professor Pincushion. The amount of free, quality content these ladies have put out is unbelievable. They are a must subscribe.  Some other great channels to subscribe on youtube are

Coolirpa– D.I.Y and thrifted transformations

Madetosew– Sewing tutorials, plenty of beginner tutorials this channel

Stylesewme– D.I.Y sewing and fashion tutorials, pattern drafting and sewalongs

Tabitha Sewer– D.I.Y sewing tutorials

Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness– If you’re into bag making, she is great.

ON INSTAGRAM– A lot of the people/blogs/companies I’ve mentioned above I also follow on social media and I like searching hashtags. But @sewing_and_design_school is a must follow on the gram and so is @fashionbombdailymag. I also follow alot of other fashionistas like @missenocha, @scoutthecity, @rihanna, @freddieharrel @aureta and @khalanabarfield. 

CLASSES! And finally if you’re local (in the DMV area) and you want to take a sewing class, I teach classes at Stitched With Style and we have several classes coming up this fall! I’ve added a classes tab here on the blog so you can see the flyers for upcoming classes. Upcoming events and classes include sewing for charity, mommy and me workshops, sip and sews, and kids classes.

Sooo there you have it!!

If I missed anything or you have a resource you would like to share please tell us about it in the comment section! I hope this post was helpful.

Thanks again for stopping by.



D.I.Y Spray Paint Jeans (No Sewing)

Hi Lovess!

Back with possibly the easiest D.I.Y ever. I think this is actually my first No Sew D.I.Y. Anyway these jeans were inspired by a pair I saw in a New York and Company ad. Those jeans also said “Blessed” but the letters were in silver. I do realize there are other ways you could achieve this same effect like with screen printing or using iron on transfer paper but I went with the spray paint because I felt it was the easiest and would be the quickest. However it turned out this project isn’t exactly that quick. lol It took me about 2 hours to do this. The hardest or most tedious part is making sure everything else outside of your stencil is covered when you are spray painting. All my supplies for this project were purchased at Joanns Fabric and I bought the jeans from Marshalls for $14. This project is pretty easy and one may even say its self explanatory but still..

For this project you will need:

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint ( Get fabric spray paint! Regular spray paint will not work. I recommend using Gold, Silver or Rose Gold)

Blank paper

Tape (shipping or painters tape)

Letter Stencils

Grocery bag



Something to cover your floor like a tarp or huge trash bag


First cut the sides open on your trash bag and lay it out.

Lay your denim on top of the bag.

Decide which leg you are spray painting and ball the other leg up and place it inside the small grocery bag so it does not accidentally get spray paint on it.

Once it is in there tape the edge of the grocery bag to the denim.

Then fold your blank paper in half and insert it inside the leg of your denim jeans. This is so that while we are spray painting it wont seep through to the other side. I used about 7-8 sheets of paper.

Then using your ruler and a pencil lightly make a dashed lines to give you a guide for a straight line.

Place tape right on your straight dashed line this will be where you place your letters so that they stay in a straight line.

At this point you should place your letters down just to make sure the spacing is correct.

Then tape around all the other exposed denim.

Once you are ready to spray paint you should follow the directions on the spray paint bottle.

I know 2 coats would have made this denim pop but this is actually pretty tedious and once I finished the first coat I said to myself, no way I’m doing that all over again. lol

So this is the finished result and when I get time I may still go back and do another coat of paint.

*UPDATE* Another way to achieve this look is with heat transfer fabric. You basically cut the fabric out to any shape you want, iron it onto your fabric and thats it! It comes in tons of colors so thats great also! Of course you have to be really precise with your cutting to have it look neat and professional but that is another option!

“Love To Sew” Podcast Review

Hey Loves,

I hope you are having a great day thus far!

I am sooo excited to start doing podcast reviews here on the blog. If you don’t know what a podcast it’s essentially a talk show in a digital format. You may be thinking well isn’t that what the radio is, but “unlike traditional radio, podcast hosts can produce shows in their living room on any topic they choose, without being shackled by FCC regulations. Today there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts floating about on the Web, covering every topic imaginable, including true crime, history, even gastronomy. And although podcasts are still a niche product, they’ve been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade alongside the smartphone.”

I have been listening to podcasts for about 2 years now. The first podcast I ever listened to was Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Once I heard that podcast I was addicted, at this point I think I’ve listened to about every episode on her show. From that point on and I would tell everyone I knew about podcasts. If I asked someone did they listen to podcasts and they said no, I would get so excited to give them recommendations! Lol That was when I knew I should just share my recommendations here!

I would say within the last year I got hip to sewing podcasts! At first all I listened to was self-help, spiritual, business, or society and culture podcasts. I had no idea there were people making podcasts about sewing. Like why didn’t I search for this sooner!

When I saw the “love to sew” podcast pop up I had to listen to it and I fell in love from the first episode. I’ve listened to a few other sewing podcasts (which I will also review) but if I had to choose a sewing podcast I listen to the most it would be the “Love To Sew” podcast!

This podcast is hosted by Caroline and Helen and recorded in Vancouver. I often confuse the two, because they look and sound alike to me, but I believe its Caroline who runs a fabric store called Blackbird Fabrics. Helen makes and sells patterns so both of them are incredibly knowledgeable and heavily involved in the sewing community.

What I like about the podcast:

THE RELATIONSHIP– You can tell these two are best friends and their chemistry is great.

TOPICS and GUESTS– The things they talk about are super relevant in the sewing community, from episodes on making swimsuits to the financials of sewing its clear these women are passionate about inspiring others to sew. The guests are also great. They have introduced me to some influencers in the sewing community I didn’t know about, so that’s always awesome.

INFO AND RESOURCES– Free info, tips, and resources related to your hobby are always great. During this podcast I recommend you take notes and rewind if you need to. You can really learn a lot from this podcast if you are a newbie to the sewing world.

CONNECTION– I think they make it a point to connect with their listeners which is so cool to me.  These ladies always welcome feedback, questions, and comments. They have a voicemail set up so listeners can leave a message, and possibly have it read on the show. They have Q&A episodes and they just are always so grateful, sweet. These ladies sure know how to make a listener feel appreciated.

NOTES– Helen and Caroline are super giggly sometimes. Which I can’t even say is a bad thing because you can tell they are having fun and the vibes rub off on me. I find myself smiling for no reason while I’m listening to it. Sometimes they just giggle a lot. I remember one episode it felt like after every sentence they did this unison chuckle as a way to ease into the next sentence.

OVERALL THOUGHTS– If you sew I highly recommend you take a listen to this podcast. It is full of tips, tricks, resources, and overall sewing info. I personally don’t have a lot of friends that sew, so this is a great way to feel like you have sewing friends. They make it seem like you’re just chilling hanging out with some of your sewing girlfriends.

Helen and Caroline can be found on Instagram @lovetosew.podcast @blackbirdfabrics @helens_closet 

Please drop a line or comment here or on my IG page and let me know what you all think of this podcast review! Thanks for stopping by.