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    Blazer Dress Revamp

    Sometimes when I go to the thrift store I see things I know I can’t fit.  BUT, I have visions of what I can turn the item into and then I get an impulsive rush to buy it! LOL  I never know who will actually wear the items I buy on a impulse, but something inside always makes me buy it just to see if I can turn it into something spectacular! I really think it’s the challenge and the creative process involved that I love. The brainstorming, picking out buttons, taking off zippers, altering, all of that excites me! So this orange dress is one of those “challenge” items. This dress was a size 10 so I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit it or  make it my size when I bought it but I still wanted to turn it into something chic! I wanted this dress to be a mini so the first thing I did was chop the bottom off.  After that I took it in on the sides a little to give it the hourglass shape so it would hug the body. Then I changed the buttons, rolled up the sleeves and ta-daa!  As I stated I couldn’t fit the dress.  After my alterations, it ended up being about a size 8 so I had my friend model it for me. It actually fit her pretty good! We both could definitely see this blazer dress worn on a night out with some cute pumps or even some nice boots.

    before orange dress2
    Before! The dress was 50% off so it ended up being about $7! And it has pockets!

    orange blazer dress revamp




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    Birthday Dress 2014/Vogue Pattern 8766

    My birthday is around the corner! It’s in October, so I’m currently trying to figure out what I’m going to make/ wear for it this year. Last year I used Vogue pattern 8766. I made view B and just omitted the straps. I must say that dress was very easy to make and it fit perfectly. I hope I can make something like that again this year. Also, I recently saw this picture online of a celeb (I don’t know who she is) wearing a dress on the red carpet that was very similar to this one. Pencil silhouettes are classic anyway, so I think adding a trumpet or pleated hem just gives it a little flair!


    bday dress collage