How to Stay Committed a Lifestyle Change!

This post is all about how to stay committed to a lifestyle change. Whether you are changing your eating habits or your sleeping habits these 5 tips will help you out!

How to Silence Negative Self-Talk

If you wouldn't say it to a friend, don't say it to yourself.

My Journey: Modeling, Hair, Yoga, Fashion

I know you may be wondering how did you ge into all of these things. Click on this post to read how I was signed to a modeling agency. Became a licensed cosmetologist at 17, went to yoga school, and became a sewing teacher.

Loc Update- Almost 1 Year!

Its almost been a year with my second set of locs! Get all the details on how I feel about this set of locs inside, what products I use and how many locs I have.

My Maker Story x @meetmakersofcolor

@meetmakersofcolor is an online platform connecting makers of all colors to one another. I share a bit about how my culture has influenced me an a maker.

A Guide to minimalism

Marie Kondo has me on a tidying, cleaning, folding, donating junk binge and I want you to take a look into living with less. The idea of minimal lifestyle is so intriguing to me!

Going Plant Based: Down There!

Did you know some soaps and body wased contain animal fats and other parts of animals? You deserve better than that! Explore some natural, organic, animal free options in this post

Trip to New Orleans

I fell in love the moment I stepped into the French Quarter.

10 tips for the Self-Taught Artist

If you are self-taught artist, maker, or creative, you need to read this post.

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