Trend Spotting: Grommets and/or Eyelets

According to Thomasnet.com “grommets, also commonly called eyelets, are found in everyday places, from shoes to shower curtains, electrical wires to surgical devices. Made of metal, plastic, or rubber, grommets are typically inserted into a fabric hole, such as leather, where they serve to reinforce and protect the hole.”

A small grommet may also be called an eyelet, and is mostly used on shoes and clothing items (like corsets) for lacing purposes. Lately I’ve been spotting eyelets and grommets on fashion items not for lacing purposes but just for decoration. This is a super easy way to update an old item of clothing you have. You can add a twist to a regular trench coat by adding grommets to the lower part of the sleeves, or lower part of the jacket close to the hem. Grommets and eyelets come in a variety of sizes, they are inexpensive, and they can be found at your local fabric store. You will need a few tools if you plan on applying grommets or eyelets to an item but you can find them at the fabric store also. If you need help applying grommets here is a great tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uslIa0Ddtc  Scroll down for some grommet/eyelet inspiration and ideas, a great D.I.Y project for this fall/winter season!


Christian Louboutin Booties and Marc Jacobs Eyelet Sneakers



RED Valentino

trench 2
Michael Kors
trench 3
Costume National Pre-Fall 2015


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