Caged Bralette D.I.Y & Palazzo Pant (T.B.T)

Hi everyone! So this is kind of a throwback post because if you look below those 2 picture collages are from 3 years ago when I graduated from college! I made these pants and wore them to my graduation dinner! They actually are probably one of the first pair of pants I ever made. I remember having to take them to the cleaners to get hemmed after I made them because I really didn’t know how to hem rayon at the time! I’ve come a long way in this sewing world but I still have so much further to go!!

Also, if you haven’t been able to tell already, I keep things I like/love for a very long time. Especially if I’ve made them. I know you may be thinking to yourself like “why are you still wearing pants you had from 3 years ago??” The answer is because I can still fit them, I still like them, and because I simply want to! This is not to say I never throw away something I’ve made because sadly I throw away a lot of projects that don’t turn out how I envision  them, and of course some things do get to small. However, often times I wear things I’ve made once or twice, put them away for a long time, then randomly wear them again when I want to. lol

Anyway I recently brought these pants back out and paired them with the caged bralette I made, while in college as well. Honestly, college is where I was really inspired to start making clothes. I wanted to go out every other night in college but, I didn’t have money for new outfits all the time, so I started making things! lol This caged bra was actually my first blog post ever, and it’s made out of a regular black bra. If you are interested in making your own you can see the post with instructions, here on the blog!


I still use this fabric as a headwrap! 🙂


Out partying in college I wore the caged bralette with this super mini skirt. However, I think pairing it with pants definitely tones it down! lol

IMG_5840 IMG_5842 IMG_5846 IMG_5848 IMG_5856

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