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    Gingham Print D.I.Y Top

    Hi everyone! This D.I.Y top is the same as the “off shoulder denim top” except the sleeves are longer and the fabric is different. When Hancock Fabrics was going out of business about a month ago, I was able to get some fabric at really great prices. Prior to going there I had read an article in a magazine about gingham and madras print and how designers were using it in 2016 shows. After I looked online some more, I was inspired and decided I wanted to make something using gingham print. So when I went to Hancock Fabrics to get some gingham fabric it was like 70 or 80% off so I paid about $2-3 a yard for it!

    Gingham Print


    Madras Print

    Now let me just say I don’t own any madras or gingham print clothing! I have always thought these were tricky prints, until now! lol After researching these fabrics more, I found out they both have a unique history and have been around since the 17th century! Also, while researching I found out there are people called “fabric historians” who study the history and origins of different fabrics! Who knew?! lol


    I actually love the fact that gingham is cotton, it’s lightweight, and it has no wrong side! That makes gingham a super easy fabric to work with and perfect for summer. I’m still on this off shoulder trend, like seriously there are soooo many ways you can transform this top. This is the 3rd version! So anyway here is my gingham off shoulder top, I did mines in black and white. I’m also rocking a piece of bias tape around my neck as a choker! Resourceful huh! Lol


    IMG_6102 IMG_6115 IMG_6117 IMG_6127

    Took my choker off and wore it as a belt!

    IMG_6138 IMG_6139



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    Teaching Fashion Design!!

    I had the amazing opportunity to teach Fashion Design at a really great camp this summer! I had so much fun teaching these young girls who ranged from ages 9-13. The fashion design portion of camp was 2 weeks long, and I taught at 2 different camp locations. The first week of camp was super fun and I got to learn a lot about the girls as we went over many different topics and aspects of fashion like inspiration, sketching, brainstorming, hand sewing, using the sewing machine, trends, color theory, and textiles. The second week of class the campers were put into groups of 3 or 4 and were instructed to come up with their own company and create an outfit out of recyclable materials. These girls were so creative and full of life!

    By the second week of class we were pretty comfortable with each other. I let them listen to “Disney Channel Stars” station on Pandora while they created their outfits so they could zone out! LOL! ┬áI know I was getting on their nerves while they were creating their outfits! Every hour or so I would come around and ask what they were doing and give my critiques. Most of the time I would say things like “I feel like you can do more with this, push yourself, take this outfit to the next level.” Lol! Sometimes they would say they didn’t want to or ask if they had to push themselves?? To which the answer was always YES. lol Afterwards, they would say things like “I’m happy I pushed myself, I love this top so much more or I love my purse!” I totally felt like Tim Gunn during those times!

    If they didn’t leave with anything I at least hope these girls learned how to sew, and how to express their creativity and┬áindividuality through fashion! Pictures of the outfits they created out of recycled materials are below! They even made their own backdrops to go with the outfits!

    I thought this newspaper fringe skirt was so cute!
    An outfit made out of aluminum foil, broken CD’s, and they even made a little hat out of a yogurt cup! lol
    A top made out of duct tape and a skirt made out of a tablecloth!
    This top is made out of tassels from craft string and the skirt is made out of burlap!


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    Vintage Shorts

    I love how easy it is to dress up a pair of good vintage shorts. A lot of times when people shop for vintage shorts they buy Levis or some other denim and distress them, paint them, that type of thing. However, for some reason denim, vintage bottoms rarely work for me. lol So since I have to stick to mainstream places, (like the mall, yuck) when I shop for denim, I opt for a more tailored short like the ones below when I’m at a thrift or consignment store. Honestly, this type of outfit is perfect for me, I’m definitely getting a vintage 90’s vibe from it. I like loose, thin clothing in the summer and sometimes I just don’t want to wear denim. These shorts are super thin and so lightweight, they make me feel like I’m wearing a pair of basketball shorts. I love them!

    The top is vintage GAP. A $10 summer outfit!


    IMG_5869 IMG_5873