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    My Birthday Outfit!! 2016

    This birthday outfit almost drove me so crazy I thought I was going to have to wear my real “birthday suit”! lol I don’t know why I always pick my birthday to experiment and try to make something I’ve never made before! lol This was a bit challenging for me but in the end everything worked out! I honestly don’t know why I wanted to wear a suit, it just seemed like a classy, sexy birthday look and I think part of me wanted to be challenged and try to make a blazer.

    I am a visual learner which is why I utilize Youtube when I don’t know how to make something. So I was very excited to find that this blazer (Simplicity 1167) was from sewing Youtuber Mimi G. She designs patterns for Simplicity but she also does “sew alongs” so you can make the item at home, while following along with her making the exact same item. I followed her tutorial to construct this blazer, which helped a lot. This blazer is partially lined and has pockets on the side.  The pants are McCalls pattern 7098. I like this pattern because the pants fit great, are easy to make, and easy to alter. This fabric is another one I bought from Hancock Fabrics before they closed and I am so in love with the color of it!

    Overall I’m pleased with how the outfit came out and I thank all of you for the Birthday Wishes! Xoxo

    img_6158 img_6160 img_6162 img_6169 img_6170 img_6173 img_6185 img_6191 img_6192