Easy & Quick Grilled Veggies

Before going plant based I was never excited about vegetables. They were good to me, I ate them, but I never took time in preparing just vegetables as a meal for myself. I love grilled foods and experimented with a couple vegan grilled recipes over the summer like the “carrot dog” lol. I love carrots by the way, probably my favorite vegetable. I used to HATE cooked carrots but they grew on me as I expanded my veggie palette. Anyway this is a quick easy vegan summer meal that can be paired with grilled corn on the cob, baby potatoes, or vegan burgers!

One Saturday I was in the house, hungry thinking of something to eat and I thought to myself, “I haven’t been to a cookout all summer, today is a good day to have one.” So I went to the grocery store, got some veggies, and got to grilling. I used this indoor George Foreman grill I’ve had for years. It hasn’t failed me yet and the cleanup is a breeze so I love it.  Grilling veggies is so easy I think a young child could do it. All you do is wash, cut, toss veggies in a bit of olive oil, season, and throw on the grill. If you want to keep it simple with your seasonings, salt and pepper always works. If you want to take it up a notch, you can add other herbs and spices thyme, garlic, onion, rosemary, sage, oregano, dried basil, balsamic vinegar, or fresh cracked pepper. Some people use foil packets but I did not only because I wanted to see the grill marks. lol The veggies only need a few minutes to grill because you don’t want them to get soggy. Just the right amount of grilled char so the veggies still have flavor, nutrition, and a bit of crunch.  I added peppers and onions for flavor. So delicious! Have you ever grilled a vegan meal before or been to a vegan cookout? Do tell!


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