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Nichelle B. mini Birthday Collection!! 2017

Ok so I’m really late with posting this but I just recently got around to shooting all of these outfits. My bday was last month as you know by now I always make my birthday outfit or I have for the last 4 years. I hardly ever know what I’m gonna make until its close to the time of my birthday and this year was no different. I already had this decorative fabric I got from New York in the summer, I hadn’t cut it yet because I had no idea what I wanted to make out of it. As it got closer to my birthday I took another trip to New York and I had picked up some other fabrics. When I got back home and saw them all together it hit me A COLLECTION! Lol Now I didn’t have anywhere in particular to wear all these outfits I just knew what I wanted to create. Honestly, in the end I’m realllyyyyy proud of myself and what I’ve created. I have been challenging myself lately when it comes to sewing. Every birthday I find myself making something I had no idea I could create and it is an amazing feeling to conquer these projects. I am also in love with this collection because its separates!!!  Lawd knows I love me some separates that can be mixed and matched to create new outfits! Pictures of the collection are below, but before the pictures I added a brief description of every outfit.

*Sidebar* These are NOT my favorite pics at all! *sad face* I had high hopes for my birthday shoot. The location was just all wrong and cloudiness didn’t help but I had already went through so much to get there I had to rock with where I was, and sneak taking pics when security wasn’t around.

  1. Skirt and crop tube top set. Fabric came from New York. Some you may recall me saying it is the most expensive fabric I had ever bought at $120 a yard. Thank God I’m slim because I created that whole outfit out of 1 yard of fabric. lol It is a really really beautiful fabric, and I get tons of compliments when I wear it. I also love how it can be dressed down with a different top.
  2. The velvet dress. I’m sure you all are aware of the velvet trend by now. lol its like everywhere this season so I had to give it a try and make something out of velvet. Velvet is a kind of tricky fabric to sew it takes patience and time. I had a stretch velvet and made a pretty simple dress. The fabric is a mid-weight and I did long sleeves so this is a great dress for going out in the fall or winter.
  3. The orange set. Now this is my second favorite. I am in love with this color and fabric. This fabric came from New York also. I knew I wanted to make pants out of this. So that was the first thing I created. This fabric is extremely thin so I built a pair of leggings into pants. lol Great for added warmth. I like going out in the fall but I absolutely hate being cold, so any chance that I can sneak extra warmth in a garment I’m gonna do it. lol
  4. My last item that didn’t make the cut, but will probably be my next blog post is a wrap skirt. Coming soon.



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