Kyrazada: This one is for you boo

Hey Loves,

This post is dedicated to my WCW @KYRAZADA! She is a lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur, mom, and inspiration to me and many other people in the fashion/ blogging world. I have a few Instagram style crushes but @Kyrazada is one of my favorites.

If you follow her on IG you know she was diagnosed with stomach cancer a while ago.. When I found out, I was immediately filled with empathy. I was especially touched because I recently lost my grandma to stomach cancer so I truly understand what her and her family is probably going through right now.

I thought wow I know she’s going through a lot, she’s prob gonna take a break for a few months, stop posting, etc. But, as time went on you didn’t hide, or complain, you spoke your TRUTH and told your story which is BEYOND courageous and inspiring. To see you juggling your doctor appointments, posting pics, sharing how you feel, dressing up, having photo shoots gives me sooo much motivation to just KEEP GOING. You are one brave, amazing, generous, creative spirit. I wanted to do this post to let you know (as your friend said) “No One Fights Alone.”

I’ve had this picture screenshotted in my phone for months and just decided to go with it. So this outfit and this post, is for you boo.! You are so beautiful and even at what may be a difficult time in your life you are STILL SLAYING, and inspiring us. Keep shining. Keep fighting. Keep healing.

*Details on how I made this top are mentioned in the post on IG. The fabric and buttons are from Joanns fabric and I did not use a pattern to create this. I followed the silhouette of a double breasted vest I had, and made changes as I went along.


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