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    Simplicity 0839 Bodysuit

    Hey Lovessss!

    This post is overdue, I know. So many events go in the way of me taking pictures of this bodysuit. I’m kinda upset I haven’t made a bodysuit sooner! It was so easy and fun. I sewed the entire bodysuit on my serger and I did View D.

    I don’t work alot with knits, not because I don’t like them I just feel like most of the garments and patterns I like are not knits. Anyway I had this pattern and fabric for about a year and just had this outfit vision come into my mind. Sometimes when I do that the outfit does not come out as I envisioned but this time it did! Im also a tiny bit ashamed to say I’ve had these overalls form H&M for legit about 5 years and this was my first time wearing them . SMH lol I never threw them away because I knew they would come in handy one day, and I was right. LOLOL But clearly I’m not really an overalls type of gal.

    I did make a small modification to the pattern and that was not doing an invisible zipper in the back and instead adding snaps in the middle. I just felt like if it has a zipper when I go to the bathroom I will have to unzip it and take the whole bodysuit off and ughhh who wants to do that. So yes snaps in the middle like a onesie. Yass for easy bathroom access! I definitely want to make another bodysuit, I like them because of their versatility! Besides ditching the zipper I did not make any other adjustments and the fit is perfect!  What do you think of this look? Have you made this bodysuit before?

    Let me know drop a comment with your cute self! Thanks for stopping by!

    So happy this outfit came out exactly as I envisioned. Love this pattern!


    I took this picture at a weird time, the sun was setting, and it was already a kind of cloudy day so I feel like this pic is giving a natural filter. lol

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    D.I.Y Simplicity 8413 Slip Dress

    Hey Loves,

    Welcome back to Nichelle B! Today I want to show you my latest and last summer make, this super cute slip dress. Slinky slip dresses are normally reserved for the bedroom but not anymore. Lingerie inspired pieces have made their way onto streets and runways with slinky, satin, and lace accented dresses and skirts popping up everywhere. Lace bralettes under blazers, slip dresses over t-shirts, silk robes or kimonos paired with denim, have become all the rage and I’m totally here for it. I think when done right it can be a really mysterious, sexy, chic look. However, I do think wearing lingerie out of the bedroom can be a bit tricky because you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and put on some tennis shoes. You also don’t want to look like you’re just out at the mall wearing a lace bra and some jeans. lol That’s why lingerie items should be worn minimal and/or strategically layered with your basic pieces like denim, oversized sweaters, and t-shirts.

    Examples below…

    So onto how I made this dress… The fabric is one I had in my stash for foreverrrrr, like at least 3 years. It was such a small amount I never knew what to make with it, but it was so beautiful I couldn’t get rid of it. I knew one day it would speak to me. lol This fabric seems to be some type of polyester, it is really thin and flowy. I made the longer version at first but I think with this print it was looking too nightgown-ish. If I had done the longer version in a satin type of fabric I think it would have looked fine.

    I used Simplicity 8413 to create this dress. This pattern did call for an invisible zipper but I did not use one. I just felt like its already kind of a loose fitting dress so why do I need a zipper. Without the zipper this dress still worked perfectly. However, just a note that I am slim (I wear a size 2) so for fuller figures and especially if you do the longer version, you may want to consider adding the zipper so it can fit over your hips.

    I dig this pattern, it has bias binding around the neck and armhole, and darts on the side. I finished the bottom with a rolled hem. This dress is perfect to layer with other pieces and transition to fall. I definitely want to make another one in a different fabric. Layer this slip dress with jeans, a denim jacket, or a kimono to switch up the look. Some pics of my version and how I plan now wearing it are below.

    How do you feel about wearing lingerie inspired pieces? Did you enjoy this post? Let’s chat! Leave a comment below!

    As always thanks for stopping by! You are appreciated!



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    Easy D.I.Y Paperbag Top

    Heyyy Loves!

    This is a quick post to tell you about this paperbag top. You may be familiar with the paperbag waist on pants. If not it looks like the picture below. Its just kind of a ruffled gather of fabric, a fun touch. Normally you don’t see it on tops, as its most popular for the waist of pants but to make a top out of it is SOO easy and very beginner friendly. The straps may take the longest because they are so small and you have to turn them inside out but other than that making this should be a breeze. I recommend using a light-medium weight cotton or linen type fabric.

    Image result for paperbag waist pants

    • Measure around the top of your chest just above your boobs.
    • Double that measurement and add and inch
    •  Cut a piece of fabric that length. It ends up being a big square of fabric mines was 63 inches in width and 24 inches in height.
    • Now cut your square in half because you want to have 2 side seams.
    • Sew the fabric together right where you just cut it.
    • Fold the long edge of your fabric over twice to finish the raw edge. Press and Sew.
    • Repeat the step above on the other long edge.
    • Then fold one of the edges down about 5 inches
    • You want about 2-3 inches of ruffle at the top and enough fabric to make the casing.
    • Press along the folded edge and measure down 2-3 inches (whichever you like) use a ruler and chalk and mark a straight dotted line all the way across your fabric. This will be like a stitching guide. My elastic was 3/4 inches wide and I added 1/8 inch so it would be nice and snug in the casing. So my 2 rows of stitching for the casing were an inch apart. So determine how big your casing needs to be. Whatever size your elastic is just add 1/8 of an inch to it. Below that line make another stitching guide with your ruler and chalk.
    • Sew the two rows for the casing.
    • Then make your straps. Just use 4 strips of fabric that are 4 inches wide . Determine how long you need them to be. Sew them with the right sides together then flip them right side out. Repeat on all 4 straps and press them flat.
    • Attach the straps to the inside of the top.
    • And You have yourself a new top!



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    McCalls #7752

    Hey Loves!

    I hope you all are having a blessed week so far! I just wanted to quickly give my thoughts on M7752 and share the rest of the pics with you all. First let me say, I love the pattern. It is super cute and easy to work with. This is the first pattern I’ve used where there are no views, you can just mix and match the pieces to create whatever you want, so that was cool.

    Image result for mccalls 7752


    I actually wanted to make the off shoulder version with the bow in the front, but I realized linen would be too heavy for that.  I only had 1 1/2 of fabric, (which is why it was originally going to be a top and not a dress) and most of that is on the bottom because it was kind of a circle skirt. Luckily, everything worked out with the fabric because I realized linen wouldn’t work for that top AFTER I already cut out the pieces for it. The pattern has an invisible zipper in the center back, boning, and a partial lining.

    This pattern was also the June Sewalong for @prettygirlssew on IG. So let me know your thoughts if you’ve made this! I’ve seen so many cute versions already. All in all I love how it came out and with these mix and match pieces I see ENDLESS garment options!


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    Simpilicity 0701 Men’s Button Up Shirt

    Hey Loves,

    Today I want to share the details on my men’s button up. I made it for a friend of mines and he loves it. You all know ever since I made my first button up I have been on a button up making spree. I figured while I was at it I should try to make a mens shirt. So I did! The Simplicity pattern is very basic, nothing fancy, I just needed it as a base.

    He came up with the modifications he wanted on the shirt, which were the following

    • Make it longer than the regular shirt and with the back hem curved
    • a 3/4 sleeve which made a little easier because I could skip the step of making cuffs. I just made a little tab and button for the sleeve.
    • Add slits on the side

    This fabric was some Ankara I had for a while, I made a women’s vest out of it also. It is cotton so of course working with that is a breeze. I think this shirt came out well. He likes the fact that he can wear it with tennis shoes or dress it up and wear it with dress shoes.

    I’m about to make my brother a shirt and as I sew for men I’m learning they are easy to sew for in the sense that they don’t have curves and such to fit around but they are just as meticulous about their clothes as we are. lol I think my next step is going to be to do a  button up shirt with welt pockets on it. Welt pockets are so scary to me, but thats how I’ve learned any new techniques in sewing. I research, practice, then pray over it while I’m trying to execute it! lol

    Thanks for stopping by!

    This is my friend @taylorchinmusic! He takes most of my pics for the blog, he models, and he also is a music artist! Go check him out on IG, Facebook, and he has a song on iTunes so go download that too!!

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    Pattern Review #M7724

    Hey darlings! Here is my review on McCalls pattern 7724. If you follow me on Instagram you know I am participating in a sewing challenge being hosted by The Sewing and Design School in Tacoma Washington. Lately I’ve been trying to connect more with the #sewersofinstagram and the sewing community overall so this challenge was a great way to do that! The theme for April 10th was “Statement Sleeves” so I thought this top would be perfect for that because it is so different! I love the whole mismatched vibe, the two different hems, 2 different fabrics, and 2 different types of shoulders give this shirt a high fashion feel! So when I first laid eyes on this pattern I knew I had to have it!

    The only tricky part about this top was fitting the shoulder and arm pieces. I’m petite so my arms and shoulders are small. I did have to cut the sleeves way smaller so they would fit me, but I have to do that with most patterns because I’m really like a size 2 and patterns start at size 4-6. This top definitely had to be cut smaller so it could hang fashionably off the shoulder (if its too loose you run the risk of exposing some goodies lol) and I cut it smaller so that the cold shoulder sleeve would fit around my small arm and not be baggy.

    I made my shirt out of shirting fabric and I paid about $15 for both fabrics, which isn’t bad for a button up blouse. You could also make a version of this blouse using two button up shirts from the thrift store. I would suggest this top if you’re looking to step your sewing game up a notch or just try some new techniques because it features buttonholes, darts, facing, flounces, and hand sewing this top could be a fun challenge!

    In conclusion, this pattern is a winner! I would make this top again and definitely try the other views. Do you like making button ups? Is this pattern a blouse you would try? Let me know in the comments!

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    D.I.Y Cotton and Faux Fur Vest (McCalls 7184)

    Hey Boo’s and Bae’s! Welcome Back to Nichelle B. thank you for visiting. I know this was supposed to be posted around Thanksgiving, forgive me please. I have been super busy preparing for the new year! I feel like I’m in January already.

    Anyway, here are the details on my printed and faux fur vest. The fabric at the top came from a store on Etsy, I forget the exact name of the shop. I only had 1 yard of it and originally I planned to make a purse of some sort with it. Then I was randomly looking through my patterns, saw McCalls pattern 7184, and immediately went to get some white faux fur. It was one of those moments where you decide like this is what I’m doing today and no one can stop me.. lol

    When I got to the fabric store I was a bit skeptical at first because, I mean, white faux fur. I thought it could go wrong and end up looking kind of tacky. lol In spite of those thoughts, I bought the white faux fur, made the vest, and I’m so happy I did because I love it. This is a very lightweight vest since the top is made out of cotton, but I’m sure it could be made heavier if you want to use fusible fleece, flannel lining, or leather at the top. The vest has hidden pockets, snaps to close it, and is a super easy project to sew. So easy I would almost consider it a beginner project. Only thing that may make it not beginner friendly is working with the faux fur. I will def be making one of these again. I’ve already made one with black faux fur at the bottom and it was really cute so I think more fabric and color combinations are in store for the future!

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