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Welcome back! This post is so exciting to me! I love pattern hacking, but the easy kind, that doesn’t involve too much crazy math or pattern drafting. If you are unfamiliar with the term, pattern hacking is when you take a basic commercially or independently made sewing pattern and use it as template to make your own customizations and inspired designs. I like hacking versus drafting patterns because with hacking the hard work is already done, you’re just making your pattern work a little harder. So today I’m showing 4 ways you can hack a basic A- line dress pattern that involve NO pattern drafting! YAAASSSS! LOL

This is the basic dress pattern I use. I’ve had it for years and its allowed me to make tons of garments. A basic A-line dress is essential to your pattern stash because it is a great foundation and you can do so much with it! Small adjustments make a world of difference. It definitely does not have to be this exact pattern, choose any basic A-line dress pattern that you like the fit of. This pattern has a view with darts and one without them.


So getting to it, the first way you can hack a basic dress pattern is to add a ruffle to the very bottom of it. This hack could also work for a skirt too. For the dress below I used view C and just made it a little shorter and added a ruffle. Easy, Peasy. This dress is made out of linen and I said I wanted to start making more laid back pieces so this was one of them. I loove this dress. It is perfect for summer and I dig the yellow and navy blue combo.


The second way you can hack this pattern is to do hidden pockets. As you can see the pattern does come with an option for patch pockets, but patch pockets don’t work all the time. I rarely do patch pockets. This dress is a prime example. I didn’t think patch pockets would look good for this so I needed hidden pockets. A very easy hack, pockets are always a good idea.

The third way is to do a winter version. I made this top like 2 years ago and I’ve worn it lots of ways. You can check that post here if you missed it. All I did to hack the pattern was add a turtleneck, a slit on the side, and I made the sleeves long.


The last way to hack your pattern is to add slits! Be creative with those slits girl! For this hack I just made it a shorter tunic, made the sleeves 3/4 and I added slits on both sides. An Ankara fabric choice could turn your pattern into a dashiki.

*BONUS the 5th way is to play with your hem! Who says a hem has to be straight across? Play with diagonal and uneven hems to switch it up and give it a pop of ohh la la. I’ve worn this top with jeans, as a dress with thigh high boots, and over leggings. It is one of my favorite makes.

So there you have it adding hidden or patch pockets, slits, a ruffle, changing the length, and doing an uneven hem are 5 easyyy beginner level ways you can hack a basic dress pattern to make it your own. Did you all like this post? Let me know in the comments! Hope you’ve been inspired to switch up your next A-Line dress pattern!

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