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Fibers To Fabric x Nichelle B. x Simplicity #8644

Hey boo Heyyy,

The fabric for this dress was provided by FiberstoFabrics. An online Etsy shop that can be found HERE!!!

First let me tell you all the reasons I love this fabric shop:

  • Authentic Artisan Fabrics
  • Made in India
  • Sells Trims and Notions
  • Supports sustainability in the textile industry
  • Take custom orders and can create custom garments
  • They offer handprinted and hand woven fabrics
  • They welcome wholesale resellers
  • Shipping was super fast and FREE for this order to come from India

If that’s not enough reason to make you love this shop then I don’t know what else to tell you! lol I ordered 3 yards of this printed cotton fabric. This pattern is for a wrap top, I just extended the bottom/peplum to have it be a wrap dress.

I love how this came out. If you can’t tell by now, I have many different styles. LOL Some days I’m thrifty chic, sometimes I’m glam, sometimes I’m all black, and sometimes I’m what I like to call “grandma chic.”

“Grandma chic” style is wearing outfits or pieces that look like they could have possibly came out of your grandma’s closet, BUT you actually look hella chic wearing it. LOL So this is a perfect example of grandma chic to me. This fabric is really lightweight and would be perfect for a top but I decided on dress at the last minute. Since it is so lightweight I did wear shorts under this dress.

How do you feel about “grandma chic” style? Is it a style you would rock? Leave a comment let a sistah know!

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