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D.I.Y Linen Dress

This is a blog post that I wrote but never posted! smh I know I’m sorry… I made this dress in the summer.. It’s one of my favorites! One of the best things about sewing is that you can see something, say to yourself “Ohh I like that”, then you can go make it! Thats exactly what happened with this dress from H&M.

This dress is from last season so I cant find the original pics of it online anymore but hopefully you get an idea of what the dress looks like.

When I saw this dress I knew I wanted to make it and I already had the perfect fabric. Dusty Pink Linen. I don’t think I need to go into detail about my love for linen and lately I can’t get enough of this color. So the process for me to make this dress was pretty simple. This is an off shoulder dress with a puffy sleeve, and a ruffle at the bottom. The only tricky part for me was trying to make my sleeve super puffy and just trying to fit everything because this fabric was only 45 inches wide. So even with 3 yards I still couldn’t make the sleeves as puffy as the H&M dress, but I still like how it turned out. Since this dress is kind of long and flowy it does require a lot of fabric so I would definitely recommend making it in a lightweight or breezy type of fabric, otherwise it will be too heavy. Pics of my version are below!

Wear it with boots in the fall!

Do you ever have see it like it make it moments? Or do you only work off of patterns? Thanks for stopping by!

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