Black History Month Inspired D.I.Y Jacket


Hi Everyone! ItsNichelleB, thanks for visiting my blog! Today’s D.I.Y is inspired by Black History Month! Even though “Black History Month” is every month to me, lol I still like to make something in the month of February since it is the “official” Black History Month. Last year I made an outfit out of a dashiki print, this year I wanted to do something a little different. I knew from the beginning I wanted to do a jacket, and I planned on making an outfit to go underneath the jacket, but I couldn’t find the perfect fabrics for my vision!

Even though I couldn’t make something to go underneath this can also be worn as a dress if you want to be sexy… or lazy. lol This is a cotton Ankara fabric and I used Vogue pattern 8930 to create this jacket. It is a oversized wrap jacket but I had to alter the pattern a little bit. I had 6 yards of fabric but to make the jacket without altering it would take almost 7 yards, so I just made the flaps on the front of the coat way smaller. That way it didn’t use as much fabric, I actually ended up having a little bit left over.

This pattern is great because it works with different materials and for all shapes and sizes. You can use a wool blend fabric as I did for my mom, if you want to make the jacket heavy, warm, and more of a coat. To see the coat I made for her using this same pattern click here.

When made out of cotton, this jacket has a lightweight feel and is perfect for transitioning or spring weather!

Happy Black History Month!




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