D.I.Y Ankara Printed Maxi Jacket/ Duster

Helloo and welcome back to Nichelle B. Blog! Today I wanted to show you a D.I.Y jacket/duster I recently finished. I’m still not sure what exactly to call it so I say its a duster, jacket, thingy. lol It was about 80 degrees outside when I was trying to shoot in this coat and I was burning up, so that’s why I’m in a tank top dress and sandals. If it wasn’t lined then I’m sure it would be a little lighter, but this jacket is fully lined, has pockets, a belt, and a collar. The lapels are apart of the jacket, so that made it pretty easy to sew. In the future I see myself making a real jacket/coat that is lined and has hardware like zippers, buttons, details etc.. Maybe for my birthday, Idk.. I do l think I cut this jacket a little tiny bit too big.. but I’m ok with it. Do you like the printed duster? Would you like to order a jacket for yourself? Leave a comment or email me! Happy Monday!

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