Vegan Lasagna

Hey Everyone! If you follow me on Instagram you see that I’ve been posting meals I cook. Adopting a plant based lifestyle has definitely been a journey and I am learning new things all the time. From cooking to recipes to foods this lifestyle opened up a new world for me. I was so inspired in the beginning, that is why I started posting food in the first place, soon it started to inspire others because people I know were asking me questions about how to take the plant based route. If you want to know what exactly I eat and don’t eat or need a few tips and resources to help kick start your journey you can click here. I have a few posts that may be helpful so type “plant based” in the search bar of my blog to pull of all of the posts.

*Ladies especially, be sure to check out my post on going plant based, down there!

I recently made vegan lasagna for the first time and it was GREAT! I will probably add meatless meat next time, however like I said it is GREAT without it. It is unfortunate I don’t have a picture of what it looked like when it was done, (cooking and taking pics and cleaning as you go is alot lol) but I did get a pic of when I was making it. Here is the link to recipe I followed for the ricotta cheese, which was AMAZING!  https://www.fooduzzi.com/2017/04/vegan-cashew-ricotta/

Here is how to make the lasagna:

  1. Start boiling your lasagna noodles and preheat your oven to 350F.
  2. Sautee the zucchini, shredded carrots, mushrooms, and spinach with a little olive oil,  garlic, onions, and peppers for about 5 minutes. Just long enough to wilt the spinach a little and to soften the other veggies a bit.
  3. Keep in mind your cashews have to soak for at least 2 hours to make the ricotta cheese. So you can make it ahead or if your cashews are soaked and ready go, make your ricotta now.
  4. By then your noodles should be done.
  5. Start with a layer of sauce (I used organic tomato basil) at the bottom of the pan, then noodles, then spread the ricotta cheese on, add your veggies, and a little more sauce. Repeat this starting with the noodles until you have about 3 layers, then sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top!
  6. Cover with foil, Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Boom. Vegan Lasagna.

A couple people wanted the details on this so I hope this was helpful! Even if you give this to meat eaters I’m almost sure they will still like it. I love it vegan lasagna is simple and full of flavor! Who says vegan can’t have comfort food?

If you try this meal drop a line in the comments and let me know how it turns out!

Thanks for stopping by!

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