Crochet Swimsuit Coverup

Sorry it took me a few days to post this. I’ve honestly been kind of stressed, frustrated, discouraged, annoyed, and emotional lately. Even though those feelings are unpleasant, I keep telling myself I can choose to be happy instead, everything is gonna be ok, the best is yet to come, I still have a lot to be thankful for, etc.. I know that is the truth and I just try to keep that in the forefront of my mind so I don’t fall into a “stay in bed, don’t answer phone calls, disappear from social media” type of depression… That’s what I really really want to do.. Everyday… But I don’t.. I often feel confused, lost, uncertain, and at war with myself about a lot of different things and situations and it is really draining and exhausting.

Mental Health takes a lot of courage to talk about and I don’t really like to share my mental health struggles with people because I feel they either judge, start to give advice on how to fix yourself, downplay your feelings (its not that bad, I went through worse, just get over it and move on. etc), or they tell other people as soon as you hang up the phone. So at this point I don’t really ever talk to anyone about it… Except here on my blog is the first time I’m even writing about it. Since I’ve been dealing with mini/personal “metal breakdowns” for a while now, I have an arsenal of different techniques I use to help pull myself out of a bad mood or a negative thought process, but its never easy… Especially doing it alone….

If you are struggling mentally, I hope you know you aren’t alone and people want you here… You can reach out to me here or on social if you want to share or chat… You can also reach out to a therapist, a trusted friend or family member, or hotline if you are feeling especially vulnerable. Remember to check in with your friends and family. You may not even recognize if someone close to you is struggling, that’s why it is important to ask, check in, have compassionate, and be listening ear when we think someone needs it.

I just wanted to share that because its my truth at the moment… I love my blog and my readers and I just want to be transparent about my feelings and my journey because I know there is someone else out there who has felt the same way before and it helps to know, you aren’t alone.

So I haven’t really had the creative energy or passion to sew anything major lately and that has been hard… Sewing is like the only thing that makes me happy I really hope I can get back into it soon. I reallyyyy think I just need to take a trip to NY touch some fabrics and reignite my passion… Anyway, just because I haven’t been able to sew doesn’t mean I can’t make other things! So I started to look into crochet. I went down the rabbit hole and got hooked… Literally lol…. So far I made a top, a swimsuit bottom, and a swimsuit coverup. I would say the coverup took the longest to make partly because it was kind of confusing even with a tutorial and also because it was maxi length. Right now Im making a swimsuit for a friend and so far everything is going good. Im done the bottoms and one of the cups. I will just make the other cup, add strings, a border, then Im done. If you want to get into crochet I highly suggest you start on Craftsy or Youtube. Both of those websites helped me a lot, however Craftsy does have a membership fee so just something to keep in mind.

Click here to follow the same tutorial I did. I did not change or alter anything I pretty much followed her instructions as best as I could. The only part I messed up on is the back. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get a nice even line down the middle. The coverup came out great and crochet has helped me get out of my head and take my mind off things a bit.. It works because I can be still but keep my hands busy and at the end of binge watching a show I have cute garment to wear. lol

I used Lily Cream n Sugar Yarn. I don’t have the name of the color on hand but it is a coral/pink shade. I used a size 6mm hook. ! Thank you for reading and visiting my blog!

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