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    Creating a Meditation Space

    Creating my meditation space has been super fun! Right now the space is super simple and I like the minimal look of it.. However, in the future I do plan to add some artwork! Creating a meditation space doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You really don’t even need all the things pictured, you can meditate anywhere as long as you have your breath. If you want to be consistent in a meditation practice I think it helps to have a dedicated space. Creating that space is all about catering to the 5 senses. Sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste. Im going to simply explain what I mean below.

    • Sight- You want a beautiful space, yes but you also want something you can focus on maybe its a picture of black Jesus or a Buddha statue.. or maybe you want to close your eyes so eye pillows or an eye mask may be helpful
    • Smell- Whatever your choice if aromatherapy is go for it. Incense, sage, essential oils, candles, etc
    • Hearing- Sound Bowl, Yoga Playlist, Gong, water fountain. Sounds that are calming and relaxing.
    • Taste- Water or tea (is optional but I like to have it nearby)
    • Touch- Mala Beads, blankets, pillows, cushions, or just your hands touching your heart, or hands touching each other

    Although there are a lot fo different things that could go on in your meditation space, I think these 3 are absolutely necessary! A rug, a plant or something from nature and some type of aromatherapy!!!

    A rug – Rugs separate spaces. The same way when you step on your yoga mat you know what time it is. When I step on this rug I know what time it is. Choose a rug that is comfortable and that can be easily cleaned! My rug is a lightweight rug from Ikea. I like it because its washable and just the right size and price.

    A plant– Having something from nature is something most people say is optional but I think it is definitely a must have! Having something from nature in the space helps to you grounded. I think the type of plant is important as well. Don’t just go for looks here. If you want a bunch of plants that’s great but I do think a few of them should be air purifying plants!

    Aromatherapy– Aromatherapy is the cheapest type of therapy you can get! lol The aroma components from natural products have been used for mental, spiritual and physical healing since the beginning of recorded history. Smells and scents can affect your mood. Whatever scents you are drawn to put them in your space. I recommend going for all natural scents and products!! No Febreze, Air Wicks, or perfume here!! We want clean pure air.. Try some natural incense, sage or Palo Santo, a diffuser, reed sticks, herb sachets, or candles.. You actually have a lot of options here!! Honestly once you stop using all the fake stuff you probably won’t ever go back to the fake chemical laden smells.

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    D.I.Y Meditation Cushion

    Heyy Boo Thang! I’m excited about this post! Maybe because its about Yoga and Sewing! Two of my favorite things!!! I used all my fabric scraps and made a meditation cushion. This year I wanted a dedicated mediation space and this cushion is the first thing I added to it!

    I feel like I’ll probabaly have to do a whole series on meditation and creating a mediation space because there is so much I want to say! lol So first things first some of you may be wondering, what exactly is meditation?

    This is a definition of Mediation from the National Institute of Health.

    “Meditation is a mind and body practice that has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being. Mind and body practices focus on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behavior.

    There are many types of meditation, but most have four elements in common: a quiet location with as few distractions as possible; a specific, comfortable posture (sitting, lying down, walking, or in other positions); a focus of attention (a specially chosen word or set of words, an object, or the sensations of the breath); and an open attitude (letting distractions come and go naturally without judging them).”

    Meditation is amazing and I suggest everyone start a meditation practice. Start with 5 minutes of mindful breathing a day. Before making this cushion I usually would just sit without one.. However, using a cushion is much more comfortable and I’m able to sit longer. If you feel sore, can’t sit too long, or can’t seem to stick to a meditation practice try getting a meditation cushion/pillow.

    Meditation pillows have been used for centuries and yes you can use a regular pillow but it is not the same as a meditation cushion. Meditation cushions are usually filled firmer than regular pillows to allow for some added height to the pillow. A popular stuffing for meditation pillows is buckwheat hulls, however those can be kind of pricey if you are trying to fill an oversized cushion like mines.Instead I used fabric scraps. Using fabric scraps allows the cushion to be firm, have height, and support your spine.

    Disclaimer: I do not think a cushion filled with fabric scraps is a replacement to one with buckwheat hulls. Although this one is pretty heavy and firm, the ones with buckwheat hulls will hold their shape better and for a longer period of time. So, I say if you have nothing use a pillow, that’s good, if you can make a cushion with scraps that’s better, if you can add buckwheat hulls or buy a pre-made one, that is best!

    Here are a few benefits of using a meditation pillow:

    • Pain relief in your joints/Increased comfort
    • Portable/ Take it anywhere
    • Longer meditation time
    • Increased stability & flexibility
    • Having a dedicated meditation space & more consistency
    • Allow you to sit in the proper posture

    I feel like I’ve always been pretty consistent with my meditation practice but having a dedicated space makes my practice more personal, the space is aesthetically pleasing, and just stepping on the mat lets me know its time to calm down. I didn’t really follow a specific tutorial to make this. It is 2 circles with a band in the middle to give it the extra height. I traced a sunhat for my circle. You can literally use any circle shaped item you want. My band is about 4-5 inches wide and I added an extra strip of fabric for the strap so it is easy to carry. You can also add a zipper if you want a removable/washable cover.

    Please let me know if you make a meditation cushion or start a meditation practice this year!


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    D.I.Y Jute Rope Circle Decor

    This is a SUPER EASY and inexpensive craft! Those are my favorite kind! lol I never knew there was a whole world of people who use items from the Dollar Tree to create home decor! I’ve seen people create some cute decor and I’ve been inspired! I do believe your home/ living space affects your energy and your mood. Even if you don’t have a lot of money you can still create a space that is a reflection of you! As much as I would love to ball out at Home Goods, Target, and Anthropologie for home decor… I can’t just yet lol.. In the meantime I buy pieces from these stores here and there that I like and mix them in with D.I.Y items. I would suggest you go with essential items you know you aren’t going to make from these stores like throw blankets, comforters, headboards, lamps, wall art, larger furniture items.. Etc. If you can’t do big items buy some smaller items you think are cute or fit in with your decor like mugs, bookends, shelving, storage baskets, pillow covers, throw blankets, and plants!

    If you mix the high and low items I feel like you get a perfect mix of modern, boho, chic. Which is what I love… So getting into the post. The Dollar Tree has small plain wooden boxes. Well it’s actually a little drawer but it is a small wooden box. I painted the box with black acrylic paint. I had a dowel already, from a previous project, however I would suggest using a dowel that is a bit thicker than this one, it will support your jute circle better! The Dollar Tree also sells dowels. You can also use a stand from another item you aren’t using anymore. I saw someone do this and put it on a metal stand, it was really cute.

    Next, decide if you want to add trim, beads, string, fringe, or paint! As I mentioned I left this one really simple and didn’t add anything, that is how I was able to keep the cost at $2. lol I use a scrap piece of cardboard and hot glue the rope onto the cardboard, in a circle, and then cut the cardboard circle out. Next you glue your circle onto the dowel. Then glue your dowel onto the wooden box. Try not to use too much glue when gluing the dowel to the box, if you have a small bit of excess glue surrounding the bottom, wait until it dries and paint over it! That’s it!

    What do you think? Would you add this to your space? Right now it is on a shelf in my sewing area!

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    D.I.Y Basket Wall

    Hey Boo Thang, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Getting right into it this post is all about the basket wall I created in my living room. You may have seen basket walls floating around on Pinterest. I feel like it’s pretty trendy in home decor right now. Pinterest sparked this basket wall idea for me and some pictures of my inspiration are below.

    When I decided I wanted to make this wall I ended up going down a rabbit hole and researching everything about baskets and how they are made. The history behind baskets is very interesting and our ancestors used them for many things. I know when you think of our ancestors and baskets an image of a woman holding one on top of her head may come to mind.


    Carrying on the head is a common practice in many parts of the world. In addition to balancing things like food and water in the baskets on our heads, we also made the baskets! Basket Making is a beautiful art form that I don’t think many people know about. I found it mesmerizing to watch women and men make these beautiful baskets BY HAND! The amount of time, patience, and skill it takes to create just one basket is amazing. Now going down a rabbit hole is not required in order to make a basket wall. However, if you are geeky like me and love to see how people make certain things with their hands then jump head first down the rabbit hole and stay there for a few hours. LOL

    So onto the good stuff, first, where to buy materials for your basket wall. There are plenty of places you can buy decorative baskets from. Etsy, Amazon, and Home Goods are good places to start. If you want to take a more budget friendly approach like me then just go to the thrift store. All of my baskets came from different thrift stores. I told my grandma I wanted to make this wall and she went out and got me a bunch of baskets from thrift stores in Maryland. I do think buying your items from the thrift store will take a bit more prep and shopping to find the perfect combination but the final cost will be worth it. I think I paid about $20-25 for all the baskets on my wall.

    I do think in order for the basket wall to flow and look cute you need to have the perfect combo of colors, shapes, and sizes. In the end I didn’t use every single basket I bought because some of them just didn’t flow, or the colors didn’t work when I laid everything out.

    This is what I started with. I reallyyyy wanted to use the colorful circle basket but it just didn’t work.

    Follow these steps and tips to create your very own accent basket wall.

    First decide where you want the baskets to go. This will make it much easier when it comes time to shop for your baskets because you will know what sizes and shapes will work best for you. If you are doing a small area then you won’t need that many baskets and you may not opt for huge ones and vice versa.

    Choose a color scheme (optional) Most thrifted baskets are shades of brown and tan which can very much be the color scheme. Depending on your space you may want to choose a color scheme so that the basket wall will tie in with your other decor. This was my case. I knew I wanted a splash of black in my basket wall and I didn’t use the basket that was colorful because it just didn’t go.

    Once you have all your baskets lay them out on the floor and play with the layout until you are happy with the look. This took me a while because the space I wanted to cover was kind of big. Every time I laid the baskets out I felt I was missing something. I wanted an accent wall of baskets above my couch so this was kind of a big area to fill. Some layout options are having the baskets clustered together with no spaces in between, leaving spaces, curving your baskets, or having them go from big to small in some kind of way.

    Other items besides baskets to add to the wall. You may find you need a few “filler baskets/items” to go on your wall to make it look full.

    Tiny Baskets– Small baskets in weird shapes are good for fillers. The leaf shaped basket, oval shaped basket, and another small random circle thingy are what used to fill in my mines.

    Placemats– Two of the items on my wall are actually hard placemats from the Goodwill. Target and Walmart have cute placemats that could work as well.

    Serving trays– These are great because they are usually flat, lightweight, and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

    Faux or Real Greenery– A couple of the basket walls I saw did incorporate some greenery. Real plants may be a bit hard to maintain for this project. If you want to use real plants make sure your basket wall is in a place that gets sunlight, and you are still able to water the plant without making a mess. Faux plants may be less of a hassle for this. Buy your favorite faux plant/greenery and place in or around one or two of the baskets.

    Make your own– Of course you can make some other accents which I did, and they are pictured below. Those items were made using rope from the dollar tree, a glue gun, cardboard, and brown raffia from Michaels.

    Hang your baskets! Now it’s time to put the basket wall together! It is helpful if you have a friend for this part! I didn’t have anyone available to help so I just did the best I could hanging these baskets by myself. I thought I would be able to hang all these baskets with command strips but because of the texture most of the command strips wouldn’t adhere to the baskets. So to hang most of the baskets I ended up using a very tiny nail and hammer.

    How do you think the basket wall turned out?? Would you try this? Let me know if you have any questions! Follow me on IG @itsnichelleb!

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    Did Someone Say Macramae?

    Hey darling!! Welcome back to my blog! If you follow me on IG I mentioned yesterday that I recently became obsessed with a new craft. That craft is… Macramae! I have been sewing for a long time and every once in a while I just get the itch to try my hand at something else creative! The last time I got this itch, I started embroidery and found it to be really cool.. I completed 1 project and my itch was scratched because I really dislike hand sewing, so I knew that wasn’t going to last long. lol

    Now macrame is something I can get with because (there is no hand sewing involved) if you played with gimp as a kid or you know how to tie your shoes, you will most likely be good at Macramae. lol

    Macramae is a technique or method of crafting a textile that uses several knots to form the basic shape and function of the piece. Each knot can be created with your hands, and there are no other tools required other than mounting rings or something similar to hold your project place while you work. Macramae is also an inexpensive hobby to start.

    Since moving into my apartment I’ve become obsessed with D.I.Y home projects and videos. I’ve actually done a few D.I.Y’S I found on Pinterest. I installed a pegboard wall in my sewing area, I aded a wood frame around the mirror in my bathroom, and I also tried out those painted vases that you see all over Instagram and Pinterest. All of those projects turned out great, with the help of my mom and brother!

    When it comes to decorating my walls I really like adding texture. So I loved the idea of macrame. I currently have wall with a raffia leaf, a wood picture frame and a straw basket on it, if that gives you an idea of what I mean when I say texture on the walls. lol I would say my interior style is like Afro- Boho. I think if I style my mini macrame hangings they right it will fit right in with the rest of the decor.

    So these are “mini” macrame projects. That means they are small in size, don’t require much to get started, and most of the mini hangings I saw are made up of basic knots. I did 3 different projects and they all look different but use the same 3-4 basic knots. I got string for my project and the wooden dowel from Hobby Lobby. However you can find a wider variety of macrame string on Amazon, Etsy, or another online shop. The dowel I got was really long so I went to Home Depot and borrowed their saw and cut them to the size I wanted. lol You can also just buy 6-8 inch dowels so you won’t have to cut anything.

    To complete this project I followed a tutorial by @madebyhandbyallison. Her tutorial can be found here. I really like this tutorial because it was easy to follow, quality was good, she didn’t talk, and she played peaceful music in the background. I love videos where the person doesn’t talk.. Of course it depends on the video, sometimes you watch it to actually hear the info but most times I don’t need the commentary and I end up skipping through the talking anyway. I know Im not the only one who does this. LOL

    Anyway what do you think about this mini macrame wall hanging? Have you tried a macrame project before? Let me know.

    Also this picture was taken at night so the lighting was very weird.

    I could have brushed out the fringe to make it fuller but I just untwisted it and left it as is!
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    Top 3 Houseplants for Total Beginners

    Thanks for visiting my blog! In this post I’m going to tell you 3 of the easiest houseplants to care for! It’s no doubt that people who love plants like REALLY love their plants. The same way some people adore their pets is the same way I feel about my plants. My plants may not be able to bark or lick me, but they still need love and attention, they keep me grounded, they need to be fed and cared for, they grow, they live, they die, and most importantly nature and animals show us the beauty of something bigger than ourselves.

    If you don’t know I’m a quote lover. LOL I have a book of all my favorite quotes. I used to just jot down quotes and not put the name of the person who wrote the quote. Now that I don’t know who said what, it’s kind of annoying me so I’m starting my quote book over. I love it because whenever I’m feeling down or need a reminder of certain things I just look through this book and instantly feel uplifted. It’s not only quotes, its intentions, affirmations, and just any words that made me feel good. One page is literally just a page of words. Yes I’m geeky like that. Lol I love books, and words, the dictionary app is on the homescreen of my phone. Lol I digress, but, I said all that to say, the quote below best describes how I feel when I’m in nature, around pets, or caring for my plants at home. I feel closer to God.

    I love They get me. lol

    It also doesn’t hurt that “Animals (and plants) are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions. They pass no criticisms.” -George Eliot

    I started caring for houseplants about 2-3 years ago. I started with a Pothos, a Spider plant, and then a Snake plant. These are my top 3 plant choices for a total for a beginner. These plants are all really easy to care for, easy to find, inexpensive, and easy to propagate. There are of course other easy houseplant options, but I like these 3 because they are also air purifying plants! 

    Spider Plant– I got mine about 2 years ago at a farmers market. I think I paid about $5 for it. It has grown and been through some things since I got her, including a 6 hour road trip in the blazing hot summer. She did not like that trip at all and was really sad after that. I almost thought she wasn’t going to make it. All the leaves turned pale yellow-brown and most of the leaves were wilted. But here she is a year later still thriving and surviving. Lol She used have a bunch of pups hanging from her but after that road trip she didn’t grow anymore except the one that is pictured beside her.

    Pothos Plant– This is one of those plants of steel. Lol It’s a hardy plant that is super hard to kill and can last for years if cared for properly. I started my pothos from a cutting. This plant started with only 4 leaves! It is growing beautifully. I recently got a Queen Marble Pothos cutting that I’m currently propagating.

    Snake Plant– Also called Mother- in- laws- Tongue. This is another hardy plant that is super hard to kill. Only thing I will say about this plant is watch how much you water it. I had my snake plant for about 2 years, it was doing good, but then my roommate severely overwatered it, it got all mushy and rotten and I had to throw it away. I was only able to save 1 healthy leaf from that plant and I’m currently trying to propagate it. My sister gave me the snake plant pictured below and it has been growing like crazy lately. Her name is Tamera. My sister has the same one named Tia. lol

    So there you have it! These are the 3 Easiest Houseplants to care for! Let me know if you found this post useful! Drop a comment, follow me on IG, tell a friend! Thanks for stopping by!

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    Yoga, Sewing Activewear, & Essential Oils

    Heyyy Boo,

    I hope you are having an amazing week! I wanted to fit all I have to say about sewing, yoga, and essential oils into one blog post but I don’t think that is going to happen. So this post is about how I got into yoga and me showing you a quick yoga flow. The next post will be my review and all the details on this Kwik-Sew pattern! Then I’ll share my favorite DoTerra Essential oils with you.

    So lets get into it.. If you watch my IG stories then you know I’m an Elementary School Art Teacher! In addition to teaching Art to the kiddies, I teach sewing on the weekends, and I’m a certified yoga instructor!

    I used to not share that much about my yoga journey on here because I didn’t want to confuse you all with all the things I do. lol However, I’ve come to the conclusion that “all the things” is just what I do. I can’t hide any longer! Hair, sewing, yoga, hair accessories, art, jewelry it’s all apart of my everyday life. It’s just what I do. LMAO

    As a child I was always into physical in activities like dance and gymnastics. As an adult I turned to yoga for my physical exercise. I never really had a consistent yoga practice I would just “stretch” whenever I felt like it. I started to get more serious and turn my stretching into a real yoga practice a couple years after graduating college. Post grad life was really hard and weird for me. I went through about 2 years of just feeling lost as far as my career. I hated my job so I quit, my car broke down shortly after, I had no clear path of what I was doing or where I was going. I felt so defeated during that time. Yoga and sewing is what saved me. Having those 2 outlets really helped me find myself and develop a creative career path that makes me happy!

    After practicing yoga for years I decided to get certified, and in 2017 I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training.

    So onto how I’m teaching yoga on the rooftop to a group of teachers. lol My company knows I teach yoga, they asked me to lead a class, I agreed. Boom! lol

    I had already been working on an activewear outfit before they asked me to lead a class. This fabric was in my fabric haul video. So I figured why not try the outfit out during this yoga class. lol

    I want to encourage you all to MOVE YOUR BODIES! Yoga has been so amazing to me. Having the opportunity to express myself, heal, meditate, reflect and teach other people to do the same is a blessing. Im still early in my yoga teaching journey but my goal is to encourage you to move your body EVERYDAY! Take a walk, do this quick yoga flow, run a mile, dance like no one is watching, just something to move it! Movement is therapy!

    If you’ve been sitting down for a long time, need a warm up to your yoga practice, or you are a beginner wanting to get into yoga, the to yoga the sun salutations are a great place to start. I feel like this excerpt from a article sums up Sun Salutations perfectly.

    “Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a series of postures that warms, strengthens, and aligns the entire body. It serves as an all-purpose yoga tool, kind of like a hammer that’s also a saw and a screwdriver, if you can imagine such a thing.

    There are many variations and you can alter most Sun Salutations by playing with its pace or slightly modifying a pose. If you move through the sequence rapidly, you’ll warm up fairly quickly. Start with 5 or 6 repetitions and gradually build to 12 or more or set a timer starting with 3 minutes and gradually increase to 10 or more.

    Or try moving slowly and deliberately, and you’ll feel how the sequence becomes a sort of moving meditation. As you practice this way, center your awareness at some point in your body (such as your third eye or your heart) and challenge yourself to keep focusing there for the duration of the practice.

    Moving quickly is more stimulating, while moving slowly is more calming. Whichever way you do it, the sequence can serve as either a self-contained minipractice on days when your practice time is short or a warm-up for a longer session.” Article

    As a teacher its soo important to take time out for yourself to fill up your own cup. Teaching is both physically and emotionally demanding so self care is essential!!! Take time out to just BE STILL. Don’t let “not being flexible enough” be the reason you don’t do yoga. Flexibility has nothing to do with it. Yoga is not about self -improvement, its about self- acceptance!

    Let me know if you want to see more yoga videos, pics, tips, tricks. I’m totally down for helping you get into yoga and developing a healthy lifestyle! Scroll down to see the list of all the poses and modifications in this yoga flow.

    1. Mountain Pose- Feet slightly apart, hands in namaste, this is a very grounding pose
    2. Backbend- * Modification stay in Tadasana and list the hands towards the sky and lift the heels off the mat coming onto the toes
    3. Forward Fold- Bend the knees slightly if you need to
    4. High Lunge- *Modification Lower your knee to the ground and take low lunge
    5. Plank
    6. Knees, Chest, Chin or Chaturanga *Modification- From plank drop both knees to the mat, then slowly lower the upper body down flat onto the mat.
    7. Cobra
    8. Downward Dog
    9. High Lunge (Other Side)
    10. Plank
    11. Downward Dog
    12. Walk feet towards hands and come into rag-doll or forward fold.
    13. Roll up slowly and take another backbend or go right into mountain pose. Hands heart center in NAMASTE!


    Please feel free to leave a comment or tell a friend!

    Come back tomorrow I will be posting my review on this pattern!


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    My Maker Story! X @Meetmakersofcolor

    @Meetmakersofcolor is an online community that celebrates color and diversity in the maker community! If you aren’t following them, go ahead and do that now! They reached out to me and asked me the question “How has my heritage has influenced my maker journey??” I really had to reflect on that question and my journey thus far, before I could write an answer.

    Sometimes when life is just happening you don’t realize the obstacles you overcame, or you don’t stop to congratulate yourself! I hope this brief summary gives you some insight into how my heritage has influenced me and my style!

    I tried to write a response that would fit in an Instagram caption, that didn’t work.. So here we are. Lol! Before I get to answering that question, let me introduce myself. Hello, I’m Nichelle B, I’m from Maryland, a very short version is, I’m a maker, teacher, yogi, natural hair lover, sewing blogger and creative being.

    For as long as I can remember I’ve been enamored with black people. I never wanted to be anything else. Growing up Diana Ross, Aaliyah, Domonique Dawse, my mom, and older sister were some of the women I admired most. Growing up they inspired me to pursue things like dance, gymnastics, piano, ballet and modeling. My mom swears this “creative bug” bit me when I was 10 and turned an old pair of jeans into a purse using needle, thread, and hot gluing on some rhinestones. lol I do remember that bag and as corny as it sounds, she may be right, because ever since then I’ve loved creating. As I got older I realized, I feel most alive I’m creating with my hands or moving my body.

    I graduated from Clark Atlanta University and anyone else who has graduated from an HBCU knows that is the blackest edutainment experience you can get. College was a pivotal experience for me, educationally and personally. Being surrounded by so much culture, history, and friends who felt like family, gave me even more sense of pride for being black.

    As it pertains to fashion and college, before attending I didn’t really think about things like the environmental impact of the garment industry, the things companies do to produce fashion FAST, or the lack of diversity among luxury fashion brands. It was all kind of disturbing to me, so during my junior year of college I started teaching myself how to sew. I got a job at a fabric store part time. I started going to the thrift store, revamping clothing, and slowly falling in love with sewing.

    My love for my heritage definitely influences my style as a sewist. I use a lot of Ankara prints, make headwraps, and love vintage garments. I make it a priority to infuse my culture in my wardrobe and my handmade garments because I want people to know I’m proud of my roots!

    In 2015 I started to share with the world everything I make. In 2016 started teaching at a local sewing studio.. The blog and teaching happened organically. I started the blog to inspire other people to learn how to sew and hopefully meet like-minded people. I never planned on teaching because being self-taught I struggled with self- doubt, but someone believed in my potential and here I am 3 years later, still growing and glowing with this teaching thing. Lol

    Teaching sewing is my way to help be the change, give back to my community, and hopefully inspire them to keep pursuing creative arts.

    My culture is a huge part of my makers journey because I realize how important it is for a little girl or even an adult to see someone who looks like them teaching in the sewing world. Diversity and representation matter as well as community and sisterhood.

    One message I hope to convey to my blog readers and students is to be the change they wish to see in the world and to never give up on themselves, or their dream. Stop to congratulate yourself on your strength!

    It takes courage to create.

    Remember, it’s a slow process, but quitting wont speed it up.

    Hold onto the vision, trust the process.


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    5 Tips to Have a Successful New York Fabric Trip

    Heyyy Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been fabric shopping in New York quite a few times and these are my top 5 tips! Have you been fabric shopping in New York? Let me know if you have anymore tips on how to have a great fabric shopping experience!

    1. Bring Cash– Cash is KING. Some of the smaller fabric stores offer you better prices when you have cash. There is literally sooo much fabric in New York, I think some sellers are willing to negotiate prices because they have so much of it. I’m not saying walk around with a wad of cash but do have some cash on hand.
    2. Do not try to be cute and wear fancy shoes. Do not wear Uggs. Uggs get soggy in wet weather and ew who wants to walk around in shoes that feel soggy. I don’t recommend you wear your fashion boots either. Like those cute over the knee boots you got from Macys. Nope. Lol Wear tennis shoes or shoes made for walking. Period. Trust me, your feet will thank you for allowing them the joy of comfort on this journey.
    3. Mood is not the only fabric store in NY. I know Mood is AMAZING, it’s on Project Runway and everyone talks about it, but don’t let that be your only stop! There is a plethora of fabric stores in NY. Most times I go to Mood I end up buying 1 or 2 fabrics. Partly because fabric can add up quick in Mood and partly because the selection is insane, one could spend all day in there. The quality of fabric at Mood is always impeccable so it’s totally worth the price and the stop. I put a list of a few other stores I shop at while I’m there.
    4. Go with a sewing plan! Check your fabric stash. Do you know you need knits? Are you making a red dress? Do you need swimwear fabric? Great write all of that down and don’t forget about the notions! Once you have what you are looking for in mind, write down everything you will need to complete it. It is so annoying getting home and start making your garment only to find out you don’t have a lining fabric, or a zipper, or some eyelets. Lol
    5. Have a budget!!! This one is major. Now if you can fabric shop without a budget, then I’m jealous. Lol However, for the rest of us, if your budget is say $300 get some of that amount out in cash. It makes it way easier to stay on budget when you can actually see the cash. When you get to NY and see so many beautiful fabrics you might get excited and want to impulsively buy every cute fabric you see. Having a budget and writing down what you actually need will stop you from buying unnecessary items. Oh, and its ok to set a budget and then set another small emergency budget in case you see a fabric you ABSOLUTELY cannot leave without. No judgement here. LOL

    *BONUS* I absolutely MUST go out to eat anytime I’m in New York. Pizza is cool but after all that walking around you will want to sit down and have a niice meal to bring you back to life. Lol Restaurant options in NY are endless even if you eat vegan like me I’m pretty sure there will be something near you.

    *BONUS* About 3-4 years ago I did a fashion tour and that was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the particular person/company I used but if you research I’m sure you will find some options. I did a 3- hour walking tour, it was a small group of about 6 ladies, and I think I paid about $50. There are plenty of tours happening all the time in NY. I know going on a tour is such a “touristy” thing to do, but if you still feel a bit intimidated, or are going to NY for the first time, going on a tour is a great way to explore!

    Other fabric Stores:

    • Spandex House
    • Fabrics and Fabrics
    • Ebad Fabrics
    • Diana Fabrics
    • Fabrics Express
    • Sil Thread
    • B&J Fabrics
    • New York Elegant Fabrics

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  • Lifestyle


    Heyyy boos… As promised.. The post all about my locs, let’s get into it.

    As I mentioned in my last post I have been natural for about 10 years now. I did have a relaxer at one point and it was in hair school that I decided to go natural. I actually had a hair disaster during my transition process. Lol I was going to transition and just slowly cut my relaxer off,  (mind you this was 10 years ago, I was not hair savvy at all) I had just took out a weave, and I didnt detangle my hair before I went to shampoo it. So all my relaxed hair got matted and tangled together to the point of no return, and I was forced to do my big chop from there. lol

    So fast forward I’ve been natural for 10 years now and I’ve experimented with everything. The weaves, ponytails, Ive been through gallons of Ecostyler gel, cornrows, flat irons, flexi sets, protective styles, color, everything. I would say over the last 2 years I started to get frustrated with my hair. I have alot of hair, its super thick so any style besides a ponytail takes at least 2 hours. The time and money I had to spend on products, fake hair, and paying other stylists was just getting to be too much for me.

    I had been thinking about locs for a looong time before I decided to go through with it. Some people would tell me things like “your hair is so pretty why would you wanna loc it” or “don’t do it, you gonna get bored” or simply “noo whyyyyy” but those were people with little to no hair saying things like that so (no shade) but they couldn’t relate to my struggle. lol You gotta know when to take peoples advice and when to smile and keep it moving..

    So I started my locs on August 2nd, 2017. It is coming up on the 7 month mark in Feb! Exciting! I will tell you as most people with locs would say having patience is the hardest part of the journey. lol I have really thick hair and didn’t want it to take hours when I go to retwist my hair so that was the main reason I wanted my locs thick. I only have about 52 locs. I told myself I would wait a year before I put any jewelry in my hair and so far so good. I really cant wait to see what they look like a year from now, but I have to be patient. It’s so crazy to watch the transition before my eyes. I’m starting to feel buds and feel my hair locing in certain places and it so weird. I’ve had loose hair for soooo long it is so weird to feel my hair locing. I started my locs from 2 strand twists and so far I’ve only had 2 retwists.

    I’m not gon lie I did have a tiny fear at first of how I would be perceived with my hair locd now. You know some people take one look at your clothes, or your hair, and they judge and make assumptions about you based solely on how you look. However, I got over that quickly, because its stupid. lol Why would I be concerned with what anyone thinks about me or my hair? What good is that going to do me? I remember getting sent home at my old job for wearing a headwrap! It was that day I knew I would be quitting soon, and I left a few months after that.

    I hate how society and these corporate companies think they can control what I do to MY CROWN. If I want to wear a weave, a headwrap, a flat iron, faux locs or real locs THAT’S WHAT I’M GOING TO DO! I hate that in some places we have to wear our hair a certain way for it to be deemed acceptable. smh I love natural hair and I think its history and versatility is what makes it so special. I refuse to accept that society is in control of how I wear my hair or how I dress. I don’t know if I’ll wear my hair locd forever but right now this is what I’m doing and I’m loving it!!

    If you have anymore questions about my loc journey or if you have locs and feel there is anything I should know along this journey, leave a comment!

    This was my hair in the beginning of this process. August 2017